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I'm interested in finding out whether you all have opinions about what the most "ergonomic" chair might look like.

I heard that Kit uses a standing desk, along with the advice that never staying in the same position for more than a little while is the best ergonomic advice. For me, some activities, like meditation, require a chair since I'm an absolute beginner in terms of mobility.

There are so many opinions on ergonomics out there, but most of them seem to be wanting us to buy $700 "desk chairs without much much evidence supporting their design. 

In my brief search for a better chair, I've heard a couple of key factors that make most chairs bad but there might be salient features that I have missed.

1) The height. I've heard you want to sit at a height so that the angle between your torso and your thighs is between 90° to 100° or  maybe more open (~120°). Most dining chairs are too short for me and I have to use a pillow to prop myself up to get anywhere near parallel.

2) The tilt. Most chairs lean back at angle that makes not using the back-rest uncomfortable.image.png.06d5412bb3863116365fceb534b17389.png

I'm still quite unsure what a good chair would look like (and I'm well aware that sitting for any period of extended time is far from good for your body).

Some ideas I've had:

Stools come a lot of heights, but I've never tried working a desk without any sort of back support for the entire day.


Second Option: "Regular" Dining Chairs that don't have any tilt. 


Third Option: The slew of weird "chairs" that seem to get thrown around in these conversations but seem expensive and supported by questionable science.



Anyway, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts! Is there such thing as an ergonomic chair? Does sitting on the edge of your chair work in a pinch?



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8 hours ago, JB_ said:


Hi JB,

I use a chair similar to the one above, but without a back support. It's not comfortable at all, which is great because it forces me to notice my posture and get up often (when possible). When I visit the US, I have standing desks there that I use, with a barstool for a sitting option.

Simply put, use whatever you like, but try to maintain awareness of your posture and get up often. If sitting in a strange chair is going to reduce the quality of your work, there's really no need to do so. Getting up and moving more often will be much better than finding a super-advanced ultra-ergonomic chair.

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