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ABSS Session 5 :Tailor pose hitting a sore spot

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Hi all. 

I've been having a very sore spot (small & circular) in my back for a couple of years now. I went to a physiotherapist who said it was the right Rhomboid muscle. 

I then had some Dry needling therapy on it, I did regularly massaging it with a tennisball and doing exercises for it. It never really seemed to do the trick. 

During going through the ABSS series, I hit the spot in the back, I felt the intense stretch in that area, highly linked to my breathing and emotions. It was during tailor pose with the back straight against a wall and then tilting the pelvis that really made it feel intense in that little area. (White spot marked with an arrow on the picture) 

Doing some research on what muscle that is, I think it's the erector spinae or something. 

Anyway, I roamed around a the forums a bit, and it seems the muscle that is tight or sore can be connected to other muscles being tight or something. 

Anyone has any adivce for stretches / exercises I can try out to see if I'm hitting the right msucle, or some connected muscles that might be linked? 

I notice I have an inability to sit in an L-shape flat on the floor, especially wide legged upright sitting (pre-pancake) is impossible, I notice a very strong tension in front of the hips to keep me upright with a very hollow lower back just to barely be able to sit upright for a short while. 


2016078157_Schermafbeelding2020-04-29om17_50_28.thumb.png.58902ceeab5bcd53c15080d0975b9a4e.pngBest regards


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@Giovanni: sorry to take so long to reply to your post—for some reason the system did not let me know of its existence. I do not belie that point is in the rhomboids. It is more likely to be serratus posterior superior, which is an accessory breathing muscle. If I have identified this correctly, you should find that if you lie over a hard ball in the right spot with your arms by your sides, this spot will be covered by the shoulder blade. To test this, while lying over the same spot, bring your arms up and place the fingertips on the opposite shoulder—this should move the shoulder blade outwards, and expose this muscle (you will be able to feel this). Try to relax over the ball, let your body go as soft as you can, and direct your breathing into this area. In time, it will relax.

With respect to your second comment (I have an inability to sit in an L-shape flat on the floor, especially wide legged upright sitting), that is simply tight hamstrings and adductors: this is what the programs  will loosen, in time. The tension you feel in front of the hips is simply hip flexor tension: they are contracting hard to hold you up, both against gravity and the tension in the two muscle groups mentioned. Give it time and this will change, definitely.

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