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Non relaxing PF recommendation videos

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Hi Kit & All, 

ive been suffering from non relaxing pelvic floor for two years now which is where I’m involuntary kegaling the front and back of my pelvis, including my lower abs. 

Can you recommend which video(s) i should do to help this? 

many thanks 

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Daniel, welcome. There is no specific video that addresses this problem directly, but all the exercises that work the hips address this indirectly. The Master the Full Back Bend program does address some of these problems directly (the lower abs, and the deep hip flexors, specifically).

The greatest benefit here will be to use the relaxation recordings from our main site, every day, for at least a month. As well, perhaps before the relaxation practise, really tighten the pelvic floor muscles gently, at first, then increase the tension until you are clenching as hard as you can; count to five, then stop. Take in a deep breath, and as you breath out, let your tummy go as soft as you can; breathe in again, and then let even more tension go out of the whole body, but directing your attention to the pelvic floor. The first time you try this, the difference between clenching deliberately and when you stop might not be much, but relaxation (speaking both generally and specifically) is a learned response, and you will be able to feel this more as you practise. Then do the relaxation practise (these are guided visualisations that take you on a journey around the whole body), and when you have finished, hop up and walk around, and see/feel if anything has changed. Please report back with any feedback; this is a more common problem these days than is usually spoken about.

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