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new to this, ragged and in need of some sound advice


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Hello!  I'm new and not sure where to post.  So correct my post if needed.  A brief history on me.  As a young lady, in my 20s I was a runner, and walker and that was it.  1.5 hours daily, without fail. Knee pain brought that to an end after my third daughter . I then started strength training, squat training, which helped immensely, and went on to upper body as well.  Now lately, at 39, when I try and do any weight lifting on my own, I get pains.  In the car, I get lower back pain.  I've been told by two physiotherapists that I'm hypermobile.  And have forwad head posture, and my left side of the diaphagm is tight and my pelvis comes out a lot. And while I have tight muscles, it's not that i"m unflexible, but that I"m very TENSE.  Like I read in the beginning posts.  I have anterior pelvic tilt too.  Everything that used to work for me, doesn't and I am so in need to get stronger obviously. However, as of late, and only lately, when I do planks, my scalenes and chest get overly tight.  When I do serratus anterior work to fix posture, my scalenes get overworked. When I try and do back work to fix posture, my upper traps take over for everything.  I am just at a loss.  I could really use help.  I feel totally intimidated here because I'm a complete newbie, but I've tried so many personal trainers and I just don't have a definite, trusting path to take.  would love some help on where to start, how to start.  . . . please.  Thanks

PS.  Do I want to do your stretching classes, or what would even be my starting point?

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Hi there,

Welcome to the forums! This area is for personal training logs, but your post is fine here. You can use it to keep us updated as things progress :)

A lot to unpack in your post, but the first thing I would recommend is working with someone in person. You mention working with several personal trainers. If those were just random personal trainers at your gym, then experience, etc. will often vary quite a bit, so I would suggest looking for someone you can feel confident about trusting. You didn't mention where you are located, but you can find a list of Stretch Therapy teachers here: https://stretchtherapy.net/teachers/.

As a self-proclaimed newbie, I would recommend starting with the Absolute Beginner's Stretching Series if you can't work with a teacher in person. I would also very much recommend beginning a daily relaxation practice. Search the forums for "lying relaxation" to explore the topic, and then check the ST Audios page for access to free guided recordings from Kit. As for strength training, it sounds like you have a whole lot of poor usage patterns deeply ingrained in your body. Again, working with someone in person will be best. If you can't do that, perhaps consider dropping any intense strength training for now, and spend some time working on the bodyline exercises as outlined in this PDF. Follow the directions exactly and prioritize form. Do not worry about it being intense enough - you can get quite strong using these exercises alone, done properly.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas to get started. Let us know where you're located if you don't see any ST teachers nearby, and perhaps someone can point you to a trusted source.

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