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Pain below knee, any suggestions?

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Hi everyone,


First off, I know I need to seek out medical help but atm I don't have health insurance, make very little money( I cook for a living) and have no other means of alleviating my body pain except by stretching, different type of footwear, pain reliever and a warm compress at night. I am trying to get health insurance at the moment but am in pain all the time and am seeking relief, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I apologize if i'm making some guideline mistakes.

Summary of pain:

I experience pain when I flex my right knee to my butt, basically if you can imagine grabbing your leg from behind, I also experience pain when I squat down. The pain is sharp, felt on the lateral (right side) and underneath the leg. It inst felt directly under the knee cap but rather to the side, most likely near the hamstring tendons. I only feel short periods of relief when I do pelvic thrust stretches and stretches that involve grabbing my calf and bringing it toward my chest, but the relief rarely lasts longer than 5-10 minutes. I am on my feet a lot, generally standing and over a work surface to cook. I have tried  different insoles/shoes to no avail. I think my hips might be misaligned because I did the hip alignment string test and it was slightly slanted, I know this is a lot of information over the internet but any help would be greatly appreciated, i'm beginning to lose sleep at night and just want rest and to feel no pain again.


Thanks again!



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Welcome to the Forums, Cullen.

4 hours ago, cullen_123 said:

It inst felt directly under the knee cap but rather to the side, most likely near the hamstring tendons.

Can you look at this again, and correct it please, so we understand what you are trying to say?

And when you say you "are in pain all the time", please try to be more specific as to what kind of pain, felt where, while doing what. 

WRT your knee pain, I suggest starting with the RollStick approach: 


The exercise in the image starts around 1:50, but watch the whole thing, I suggest. It's not long.

Can you post a phone picture of what your bare feet look like from the front, taken from a low level, too, when you can. 

And I have linked below to my YouTube channel and a simple test for leg-length difference; can you do that too, and report back.


Re. effective resting: go to our main site, and click on "Audios" on the top bar. Scroll down; there are a huge number of relaxation audio recordings there; download onto your phone, use in-ear buds, and do one of these before sleeping at night. Do one every day; the difference in your sleep will be noticeable.

I should add that (and here I am speaking most generally) getting health insurance will not change the way that you are feeling. Doing relaxation exercises every day and the right stretching (and perhaps strengthening) exercises will not cost you a penny, and are much more likely to be effective than getting treatment from someone, though getting a really good massage is always a good thing.

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Dear Kit,


Sorry if I wasn't more clear when I posted and thank you so much for the response. When I said "It inst felt directly under the knee cap but rather to the side, most likely near the hamstring tendons.", I meant that the pain does not radiate under the knee cap but radiates on the most lateral side of my right leg, with the pain increasing as I flex my leg closer and closer to my butt. When I say I am in pain all of the time, I may have exaggerated it a little but I am aware of the discomfort  when I try to go to sleep and it is impacting my sleep. I am most in pain when I am doing specific motions such as flexing the back of my heel to my butt and also when I take a really deep squat. Thank you for the exercise recommendation, I ordered a roll stretcher but am worried I will not be able to do much of the exercises because that pose you take is when the pain is most. I attached several photos of my feet and also where specifically I feel discomfort, i'm sorry if the photos are a little too revealing, I wanted to make sure you got a good understanding of where and when the pain radiates. Please let me know if you can think of any strengthening or stretching exercises.


All the best,



image1 (3).jpeg

image0 (2).jpeg

image1 (2).jpeg

image0 (1).jpeg

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4 hours ago, cullen_123 said:

I ordered a roll stretcher

@cullen_123: can you advise what kind? The stick stretch (a broomstick is the perfect thickness to start with) is enough. The rollers are for other parts of the body, and may not be as useful to you.

Both your ankles pronate under load; this can be seen clearly from the top-shot. Please have a look here; the strengthening exercise on the first page may really help:


Over-pronation (this assessed by the position of the big toes, and any callousing on the inside of the big toes) can cause knee pain. Your R ankle pronates more than the L; the R lower leg is where you feel the pain. Start here.

Another source of knee pain, of the sort that you photographed, can come from piriformis; this is a tricky little hip muscle. We have many exercises for this:


(the link above shows search results for this muscle).

Sorry to throw so much at you; if I were asked where to start, I'd say the Sommer thread (first link above). Your work, standing on your feet all day leaning over a bench or stove, exacerbates this. As well, please report back on the leg-length test I recommended above; you don't need a partner, only a moderate thickness paperback. Try both feet; one will feel worse than the other.

Good luck! 

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