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Nolan & Jade Foster

Stretch Teacher workshop Alicante, Spain

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Stretch Teacher course is going amazingly well. Day 3 of 5 starts today and oh boy do I feel loose (and flipping knackered lol). There are so many great shots of progress in people to show. We have shoulder pains that are years old disappear, people who never touched their feet have their hands on the floor. Back pains and leg pains disappearing ... it has truly been mind blowing.

I will d

o a full write up with the pictures I post after the workshop but I can honestly say that every person on the workshop is releasing years of built up tension patterns and literally remaking the body.

Little fact to keep you going. Every 7 years you have an entire new body because every single cell is replaced with a new one. We literally have an entire new body every 7 years. So why then do wrinkles and old injuries, aches and pains persist ? ... it´s because we don´t change the patterns of tension, stress and emotion held in the body and the brain and so the memory continues to exist and passes it onto the new generated cells. When we release, alter and correct these patterns with stretching then these old injuries and tension maps are literally forgotten from the brain and the cell memory. We truly can make a new a better body as we progress in years ...

In fact ... hold that thought 'PROGRESS in years' ... we don´t have to 'age' ... we really can PROGRESS in years. So start telling your self that next time you find yourself thinking about aging. You can switch that thought pattern.


Day 4 - rest day ... or so I thought ! So today I´m am feeling my upper body soooo much. The traditional words used to describe would normally be sore, achy etc. But it´s beyond this, i´m not going to call it soarness because that doesn´t seem to justify the work, I´m changing my perception on this because it is such a welcome feeling. My entire upper body has come into my awareness, everything so so switched on and feelings in the muscles are telling me they are still alive and active.

When you are innactive nothing feels 'sore' because nothing feels, your body becomes dormant and you disconnect from it. This feeling from just 3 days so alive and connected and aware. I love it.

Day 5 and 6 still to come ... and photo´s of course

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A picture paints a thousand words. Photo´s from Stretch Teacher workshop


Hege Tovik, physio therapist from Luxembourg




What an opener - Clare Brown, Pilates teacher, Nottingham UK


Alia Al-Yafi - Pilates teacher, Texas, USA


Anja Brinkman - Yoga teacher and artist, Germany


Tone Ostreim Frostad - Rock climber and Padel player, Norway


Alina White - English teacher, Romania


Nolan Foster, MG instructor, Stretch teacher, FIFA referee Alicante, Spain


Miss O in action

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