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Nolan & Jade Foster

Monkey Gym Alicante, Spain 12 hours workshop

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First ever MG workshop in Spain, Alicante ... and what a venue ... THE BEACH !

First day of Kit Laughlin workshop ... WOW, eye opening as well as body opening. So much learning taking place and so much to share ... watch this space after the course. But if I had to choose 3 words now to describe it so far '' powerful, efficient, essential !! ''

Second Day

So the Strength & Flexibility / monkey gym course is now complete and now we are looking forward to Monday´s workshop that will focus on the flexibility component more.

What I am about to say about this S&F course, which we have just completed, does no justice what so ever in describing the true brilliantness of this man's work.

Even though I am a stretch teacher (S&F), this is the first time I

have done the MG course with Kit Laughlin, and once again this man has come into my world and knocked me sideways with his brilliance, knowledge, his ability to transform any body and show people the true capability of their physical self once it is educated in real movement.

Now let me tell you something. I am already a very physically aware person who is well tuned into my own body and connected with it. But what I am experiencing today can only be described as feeling a seriously deep, cellular embedded education that has taken place through every cell in my body. I was going to say my body felt alive but it is so much more than this, it has transcended beyond this feeling ... (and it managed to dust off a bunch of emotional crap that was sitting in my muscles too and has made me feel so liberated physically and mentally).

I have never felt so awake and real in every joint, muscle or bone as I do today. I do feel sore but it´s such a reassuring feeling that everything is switched on and active, and it just wants more.

Even though my body has been put through some of the most challenging of movements and holds that I have ever experienced, I still felt completely safe in every second because my body was constantly giving me the message that 'this feels right and so I will do this for you' . The key ingredient in this feeling has to be the focus on the alignment component. Alignment in strength work can only ever feel right.

This work truly is the safest, most effective, most efficient and brilliant strength training that you will ever experience in your life ... I guarantee this with 100% belief in it.

My words here simply can not describe the true brilliantness of this work and every single day I know more and more that changing my career to teach this was absolutely the right thing, and my goal is to share this with anyone willing to feel and look better ... in fact forget looking better as the primary goal, this happens any way as a pleasant side effect. Even though my body is looking stronger and more flexible, this isn´t even as half rewarding as the internal feeling I get from this work.

As with everything in life the only true understanding is gained through experience and my words here have only given you peek into this world.


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Jade L sit ... you have no idea how much excitement I have over being able to do this!


Tone rocking this


How´s this for an MG studio ??? shoulder mobility work down on San Juan playa (a dunk in the ocean on coffee breaks ... lovely


The future´s so bright ... i gotta wear shades ... MG beach style baby !



No walls, no limits




Studio with walls ... optional


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I miss you all!!! Nolan and Jade, there are some lovely images here (and I especially like the outdoor MG ones; that public facility is not only a great place to work out, it's the best possible advertising for what we all do.

I want to add that your insight into the relationship between alignment and strength is the forgotten part of too much training. I am going to put a link to Dave Wardman doing the Turkish Getup with a 48Kg kettlebell at a body weight of 72Kg (and he has since done the 56Kg KB at a body weight of 70 Kg). Please look at his perfect feet/spinal/shoulder-girdle/arm alignment as he does this—it is the key to understanding true strength.


Thanks for posting; excellent.

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