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Hi there,

Some of you may know me as I used to regularly write in a log here, but have stopped posting for quite some time (still a daily reader though).

I have such an extensive range of injuries which don't seem to improve and am at such a low point with no idea on where to go from here. I read the forums enough to know that doing nothing isn't going to help long-term injuries, so I want continue trying but I just feel as though I'm completely wasting my time. My biggest physical passion is parkour (but I love all movement) and it is something that I am most of the time unable to undertake due to my lack of body awareness, terrible coordination and constant list of injuries. I am trying so hard to improve myself but I do not know if I am going in the right direction. Even though I have all the information in front of me thanks to the kindness of Kit, Emmet, Nathan, Dave and all the other contributors on this forum and other platforms, I feel as though at this point I need in-person guidance.

I am constantly in pain in some form or another - even the activities I do in an attempt to rid myself of these injuries which are meant to be relatively gentle on the body produce pain for me. I know pain and damage are not necessarily connected and I am wondering if I have an increased sensitivity to pain - yesterday laying back in the bath hurt because my tailbone was pressing on the bottom of the bath. This is normal for me - sitting cross-legged on the floor will hurt eventually from the contact of the ankle and foot bones on hard floor. I know injuries are a common thing, but when I see injuries in my friends, the majority of time it is limited to a single area and they can work around it, allowing them to still take part in movement practices while not prolonging their injuries.

Here is a list of my injuries (I'm sure there are more but these are what I can think of right now):

- Left knee: had a medial meniscus repair in December 2019 which still does not feel successful. Cannot close my knee all the way as it feels like it will pop and produces pain. Using Kit's technique of putting a bolster between my legs while kneeling I can sit in a position which does not produce pain and slowly move the object lower down my leg to close the knee angle throughout the session. On a good session I can contact my heel with my glute (so the knee angle closed all the way) but this is a painful position and I cannot do this without sitting for a long period. I have been doing this daily for at least six months and it does not feel like there has been any improvement. It's great that I can reach the end range, but this is not a comfortable or accessible range in my daily life. If I felt the sensation solely in my quads it would be great as that would just indicate tightness which can be improved, but along with feeling it in the quads, I get a painful sensation in the knee joint. This is a huge nocebo but when meeting the surgeon back in 2016, he said that I had almost no cartilage in my knee after looking at the MRI, which is always reassuring to hear.

- Right knee: when squatting down to an angle of about 100 degrees, I get a pain which seems to be right at the front or top/front of the patella which gets more intense with quad activation. Possibly patella tendonitis? This has only come about relatively recently. I also suspect there may be a meniscus tear on this knee as well.

- Right wrist: comes in waves every 1-2 weeks where it will get intensely painful when weight bearing and during certain twisting movements on the ulnar side of my wrist. I originally thought it was a TFCC injury but I am not sure. I purchased a wrist widget (which is supposed to be very effective in combating TFCC pain) so that I could wear when it flares up but I don't think it helped which led me to believe it may not be a TFCC injury. I will wear it again when it flares up to see if it helps.

- Left shoulder/scapular: If I raise my arm straight overhead, do a elevation and depression, my scapular grinds/crunches extensively (I believe along the ribs?) and there is a severe limited ROM in my left shoulder which I think this is the cause of. I get an intense but pleasant stretch sensation when doing what could be described as a standing butcher's block (arms bent about 90 degrees, shoulders externally rotated as much as possible) and then raising my arms overhead. This feels like the same area where the crunching occurs but it's very hard to pinpoint. I assume the tightness in this ROM and the crunching is correlated.

- Ankles: sharp pain once a certain range of dorsiflexion is reached. This is the injury I started my original log to fix but it still is present. I believe I actually have improved this one just a little but it is still quite limiting.

- Both knees: sharp medial knee pain during SS and straddle - I believe this is due to a lack of adductor strength but am not sure. I have the worst SS/straddle out of anybody I know, particularly in straddle where I cannot even pull my legs past 90 degrees. When standing I can sometimes get to 90 degrees or a bit further but the knee pain kicks in so I don't want to persist with this until that is sorted.

- Right hip: pain/pinching during internal rotation.

- Sternum: pain comes about during a lot of movements and it snaps/cracks very loudly if I try to stick my chest out or sometimes when I just sneeze. This arose after I used to manually crack my ribs/sternum in the same way you would crack your knuckles - it felt good and produced no pain, but then one night when doing it, the crack wasn't happening and I stupidly pushed it too far and ever since I have had this issue. Not sure if passive back bending is the key here?

Every Monday and Thursday for about 5 months now (I know this is still a relatively short time for results to emerge) I have done an intense C-R stretching session consisting of bent-leg HS stretch, wall quad/HFs, piriformis and butterfly. I am not sure if I have progressed at all in this time. I have also been meditating daily for about a month now but don't know if it is providing any benefits to my life. I understand both of these things take time, but I have been for the most part unable to enjoy movement freely for so many years now. At this point it isn't even about parkour, I just want to be able to move with control, ease, grace and be pain free while doing so.

I want to see someone that will help in person, but I do not know who to see - there are countless Physios and it's hard to identify the quality ones. I want to go to the Sydney Stretch Therapy classes which I have been saying for far too long, but these would be going through stretches I am already doing that haven't provided anything for me. I am so lost and would appreciate any help here. If anyone reads through all of this, thank you.

Edit: This isn't even the full extent of it. During a bent-leg HS stretch, unless I have a pillow underneath the right heel, I get pain just from the pressure of the heel bone on the floor. Every other person I see do this can do it easily with very minimal padding (Kit uses a very thin slider). This is just an example of one of the many pains I experience which make even fixing myself a struggle. All this effort put into fixing myself (daily meditation, stretching intensely twice a week, daily sits to fix my knee) takes up so much time throughout my day, and after how long of no results do I try a different approach?

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Yes, in-person guidance sounds like a wise choice. You mention Sydney ST. If you're in Sydney, Cherie is an incredible teacher/person and you need to go see her! No more excuses, just do it :)

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