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Starting Over


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Hey everyone,


My name is Braden I am 26 years old and stumbled across this while looking how to become more flexible  / mobile. I have been lifting since I was in 7th grade and have developed a pretty stiff body. I have developed Anterior Pelvic Tilt and Rounded Shoulders from heavy benching and neglecting to stretch, really, at all. My right shoulder has some tears in the labrum and is a weak point. My current routine is 5/3/1 (Bench, Squat, Deadlift, Press). My last max test was 4-5 months ago and I did all my maxes on one day so probably not the best way to test them. They were 280 bench, 300 squat (I only have 330 lbs), 330x6 deadlift, 175 strict press) I am 185 lbs. I also boulder. I think now my bench would be 280-285, Squat probably 325+, deadlift 405, strict press maybe 185. My upper body is significantly stronger than my lower body. All this to say I want to start over. I want to build from the ground up.


My plan is to start with mastering the squat, lifting once a week (heavy lift of one of the big 4), limbering daily, and working towards callisthenic advanced moves


What should my plan look like? Has anyone experienced transitioning from being a powerlifter to this? I want to develop a better mind/body connection. I love to lift so I really want to incorporate it intelligently without losing gains on flexibility / mobility. I know everyone is different but wanted some general thoughts. I also have Gymnastic Bodies and plan on working those moves but with my own set/rep scheme (I also read about the debacle between Kit and GB, I just want an idea of "progressions" although some aren't even really progressions to do/ work towards).


Bottom Line Up Front:

Become flexibile / mobile i.e. work the mastery programs to mastery (full splits, bridges, etc)

Heal my shoulder

Lift once a week

Work on progressive calisthenics (planches, hand stands, levers, etc.) I realize some of these take YEARS to get.

How would some of you do this? What would your week look like?

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Welcome! Those are some substantial numbers, congrats.  There's not a big community of powerlifters here, but still plenty of  experience combining strength (especially bodyweight) and flexibility etc.

I was somewhat out of breath after reading your post... just kidding... just a bit!  I'm sure Kit and others will chip in but some observations:

- You have a lot of potentially conflicting goals there, you will more likely make progress over the next couple of years by focusing on less at once in a longer "metacycle", so the answer really depends on how long your cycle can be?

- [Un-repaired] torn labrum... where does protecting that rank in the priorities? Callisthenics is not going to be friendly to that without a very solid base... and you need your shoulder to work ok for another 60 years+ years hopefully!

- Flexibility, correction of perceived issues like ATP and inward shoulder rotation.. is that an end in itself or a means to an end?.. the ST method could be integrated into your training with as little as one stretching ("seeking new range of motion") session a week. For some stretching after heavy lifting works well, this would be combined with "limbering"  ("using existing range") that you can do as your warm up for other sessions

- Mixing callisthenics and powerlifting.. CF'ers do that plenty... start in your session with the former that requires more balance, fine motor skills etc, and finish off with the latter but probably not 531 (done properly) intensity .. almost treat that as accessory to your main lift being the callisthenics part


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I am known to be long-winded and I often ramble so no offense taken. Let me explain my shoulder issue. I took a picture of the "impression"

-biceps tendon anchor: There is a tear of the posterior inferior glenoid labrum demonstrated on axial view. This may also represent periosteal sleeve avulsion. There is an associated chondral injury of the adjacent posterior inferior glenoid labrum

-the biceps tendon is intact and lies within the bicipital groove.


1.) Infraspinatus and supraspinatus tendinopathy.

2.) Small partial thickness intrasubstance tear of the subscapularis.

3.)Tear of the anterior superior glenoid labrum

4.) Abnormality of the posterior inferior glenoid labrum and adjacent cartilage may represent labral tear with adjacent cartilage injury, periosteal sleeve avulsion with adjacent cartilage injury, or glenolabral articular disruption.

5.) Possible small reverse Hill-Sachs

Recommend obtaining MRI shoulder anthrogram (I dislike needles and I am claustrophobic so I did not get the contrast) because I knew I wouldn't get surgery. Perhaps if they have an open MRI I will get one.


Let me refocus my goals into steps:

Step 1) Stop lifting 4 times a week and make stretching my main activity and focus.

Step 2) In order to maintain some of my lifting strength I will lift once a week and do all of the lifts (not to failure nor max due to wearing out my CNS)

Step 3) Slowly incorporate different animal movements / flows as my flexibility / mobility allows and work on strengthening my body through calisthenics.

The main focus is flexibility.

My right shoulder is stronger than it ever has been. I do passive and active hangs for warming up single and double arm. I have been for months. If my workout looks like this:


Sunday: Warm-Up / Lift (This might mean lifting a weight for 1-5 reps just focusing on how my muscles feel and focusing on the contraction rather than just throwing weight around)

Monday: Limber / Handstand work / Abs

Tuesday: Limber / Stretch (Squat Mastery)

Wednesday: Limber / Abs / Push (calisthenics)

Thursday: Limber / Pull (calisthenics)

Friday: Limber / Rest

Saturday: Limber / Boulder







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In the Army we say the BLUF is: My goal is to attain mastery in flexibility while maintaining strength.


Splits, Bridge, Pancake, etc. I want to rebuild my body. I have attained what I wanted through lifting and I want to try a different school of training.

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If you havent come across them before you might want to check out:

Emmet Louis https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=601846226  Emmet uses stretching and mobility methods quite akin to Stretch Therapy's,  and certainly knows how to get people splits, pancake etc quickly (albeit with quite intensive approach!)

Fred Beck, Craig Mallett and Dave Wardman of Physical Alchemy are also very well versed in Stretch Therapy method.  They are also part of http://www.motionimpulse.com/frederik-beck and their philosophy would certainly take you on a route towards "I want to rebuild my body. I have attained what I wanted through lifting and I want to try a different school of training."

You will find plentiful contributions from them @Emmet Louis @Frederik on this forum, but they've been less active here as their own ventures have coalesced.



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On 4/5/2019 at 12:18 PM, SwissDanny said:


You will find plentiful contributions from them @Emmet Louis @Frederik on this forum, but they've been less active here as their own ventures have coalesced.



I'm not dead yet. I read here daily ish just I'm trying to limit my post on the internet as a self imposed fast. But will gladly answer when tagged etc

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I have been stretching and I have been feeling good. I was lifting once a week but I think the juice wasn't worth the squeeze. I did all the main lifts in one workout and it was good but I was quite sore for 3-4 days. This is what I am currently doing:


Bent Hollow Body Rock 4x30 / Cat Cow

Scapular Shrugs 3x10 / Swivel Hips

Ground Rows 3x10 / Lat Stretch

Push Up 3x10 / Shoulder Dislocates

PPP with wraps 1x5

Max Pull Ups 20 lbs 

Max Dips 20 lbs 


T / TH:

4x10 Cossack Squat / Twisting Squats

Tuck Up 4x10 / Stiff Leg Windmill

Seated Russian Twist 4x30 / Standing Hip Circle

Wall Handstand 3x20 seconds


Limbering everyday and stretching once a week


I plan on adding some cardio as I am really tired of not getting a solid run or sprint 1-3 times a week. Things are going well but I don't think I am progressing much on the stretching portion. Also, I notice a very sharp pain, so much so I cannot continue to work out when I do cossack squats. I never had this issue prior to stretching. I imagine I had significant compensation in some areas and now that I am becoming a bit more lax my hips are experiencing some discomfort. This sharp pain only happens in my left hip, where the femur inserts into the hip it feels like. Any idea what that could be? 

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