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Hey, a friend of mine that's a girl has this problem. where vertebrae get stuck together after she's doing some basic forward rolls on a soft mat. Doctor said he has no idea why it happens and that she should stop doing them. She would like to continue doing them.

Anyone knows what might cause it? She's 18 and normal weight, no special fitness level. If it's of any relevance, her hamstrings and adductors are quite tight compared to your average girl. She's got poor pike, pancake and side split flexibility.

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Its been a time since this was posted, and no senior teacher has responded, so I'll put my two cents worth in.

What do you mean "vertebrae stuck together"? Do you mean she loses mobility in a certain part of her spinal column? This could be for many reasons. Somehow your wording suggests that the bones are locking together in some way (which would really have to be diagnosed with an x-ray or MRI), but the first thing that occurs to me is that the muscles have gone into some sort of spasm or tightening in response to the activity, stopping the vertebrae from moving. If this case I'd suggest relaxation, stretching, and loosening exercises for the back. You could try spinal twists, and lying back over a firm rubber roller, moving it along the back, and then many standard yoga back exercises, but doing only the gentle ones, and only doing them gently. Then you would need to follow it up with strengthening for the back. There are some of these exercises in the series that can be downloaded from the Stretch Therapy website.


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