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I'd really like to be able to sit for meditation (just normal cross legged or burmese style), but I've clearly got a ways to go. I'm working with the mastering the squat series in order to help achieve this goal, but am struck by just how far off the ground my legs are in tailor pose, and how far off the ground my thigh is in half pigeon (see attached images). Is it really possible that I'll ever get them down to the ground? If so, any idea what kind of timeline I could expect? Is this a 1-year kind of thing or 10 years?

Another issue I have when trying to sit for meditation is that my ankles bend in ways that eventually become uncomfortable. I have recently noticed that I can't straighten my ankles in the way most people can. I have attached an image of what it looks like when I sit on my heels, which is pressing my ankles to be as straight as they get. Is this something that can be improved?




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I'm in much the same position as you, with respect to each of these issues.

Of course they can all be improved. I've had better mobility in the tailor pose, but have since lost it. How quickly you improve is impossible to say, being contingent on so many factors.

I would expect with consistently efficacious practise you might be very surprised what you can achieve in one year. On the flip side, you may never achieve full mobility in one or all of these areas.

The most important thing is consistent and mindful practise. Easy for me to say, having known of Kit's work for many years (so many years!!!) but never yet applying myself to consistent mindful practise.

That said, I'm in about the same place as you are right now with my view to the future, also. Finally got around to making my way through the 'How to Sit for Meditation' video, ran through it a second time, and intend to make it the basis of my continuing practise for now. I have all of the Stretch Therapy materials but consider working towards a fully mobile, comfortable sitting position my biggest bang for buck right now. Lots of things going on in my hips that I think will great unlock my body, should I make significant headway.

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20 hours ago, maxedison said:

Is it really possible that I'll ever get them down to the ground?

When I started, at age 27, my knees were up around my shoulders—so I was way stiffer than you are now. And the secret to straightening out your toes, ankles, and feet (third image) is to put something in between your bottom and feet that is just enough to let you sit in that position for time—ten minutes or so, every day. Rock back occasionally. And, if the toes/ankles part of that equation is the most restricted, put an additional thin support under just your shins (so the foot does not have to straighten as much). Using props like this to make any position actually do-able is the key.

Same with the tailor pose: have soft, deformable supports under the knees (so between knee and floor); then do both contractions. Let the legs rest on the supports; in time, reduce the supports. All these techniques are explained in Stretching & Flexibility; that book is designed for beginners.

As for timeline: that depends only on you.

Go to our Youtube channel, too; look for RollStretch; the stick between the legs technique will get your bottom to your heels quickly. 

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