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Program # 17 ankle, instep and quadriceps

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I keep trying to get this, but no success. In this exercise never feel a stretch in my ankle, instep or quadriceps.(And certainly not because I am flexible in these areas.)  Instead, I feel it in my knees, but not it constructive way. Thanks

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Put a thin cushion in between bottom and heels (so, sit on both feet); the cushion increases the knee angle, talking the pressure off the knees. Stretch one instep–foot at a time, one after the other.

If you still don't get a stretch, lean back onto your arms, and carefully tuck your tail. Then lift the knees, one at a time, using your hip flexors—the effect will be the same, but will take more effort.

Then you may care to try the RollStretch technique, to soften the calves and hamstrings; it's the incapacity of these muscles to flow sideways that creates the knee sensations. See here:



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