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Brilliant 'Intro. to Stretch Therapy' workshop, Vancouver, just finished

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Hello there, everybody,

Before I begin, I thank Carol (Dr Wenzel, on a return, cameo appearance!) who came to Vancouver from Kamloops to take pictures of this new, three-day, workshop. In the three galleries, there are nearly 400 photographs, which show the various stretches and strengthening exercises we did.

As well, we would not have been able to run this workshop had we not met Chris Harrison, the owner of the Vancouver CrossFit Lions; this is a brilliant facility that has literally everything you will ever need, training wise (including three heavy-duty York hyperextension machines that I used for ten intensive minutes last night); these are one of the few machines I recommend for training. And as you go through the photos, you can see the excellent "cage" and bar systems (and the best wooden rings I have ever used; they are Rogue Fitness rings, from memory) and lots of them, too.

Sincere thanks to Chris, and please check out his place if you are a local.

The galleries are arranged by day, and the thumbnails let you quickly review the activities of each. All parts of all exercises are shown, so you can follow the sequence and reminds yourself of the all-essential cues.

Intro. to Stretch Therapyis a new workshop offering: in the three days, the attendees were exposed to most of the full range of our workshop offerings. As well, we begin mid-morning on the Friday, so people can travel on that day; a longer day on the Saturday, and a mid-afternoon finish on the Sunday, to facilitate travel—this way, the entire workshop can be fit in to busy schedules.

Day one was most of the BIG stretches, starting with (what else?) the hip flexors. This was practised in partner, solo, standing and floor versions. Here are the images from day one:


Day two was all Monkey Gym—beginning with a feet-awakening sequence, and progressing to the Bodyline series. If you have not had exposure to Coach Sommer's excellent work, this is the place to start. You can download a PDF of the wrist mobility, Bodyline, and handstand sequence that Miss O and I made earlier this year (we shot some of the images at Robert Schleip's workshop, held at the Gold Coast, Queensland). Because this was an introduction workshop, we only held each position, once learned, for 30", and only one cycle.

We are leaving the handstand work until September, 2012; more on this below.

And you can download the foundation skills of the Monkey Gym, too, by clicking the highlighted link.

All the images of Day two show the progressions we used—including single leg squats that everyone could do. I have already received emails telling me of the sore glutes...


And the last day began with a class, and ended with some much-needed neck stretches, and includes a long passive back-bend over supports in between; all the images will be viewable here:


What an incredible three days!

Linda, Chris and I have decided that we will be offering a full three-day Monkey Gym only workshop end September this year. We will email the dates to all the attendees, and when this is confirmed, all the details including registration forms will be available from the Home page on my main site (left-hand column, under Events).

We hope to see you there!

Cheers to all, Kit

***All links updated and galleries reloaded*** Friday 31 Jan

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Note to all: do not use single inverted commas in posts: I just spent five minutes taking out the gobblydigook this system inserted each time I used one... This applies to apostrophes, too; some deep-level machine ignorance there, for sure. Bugger.

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Don, not intentionally. I will look for these galleries again, and reload if necessary, and post new links here

Cheers, KL

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Hello all,

Can someone please chaco the links to the galleries and the PDFs please; I think they are all OK now. Cheers, K

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