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New member with kyphosis

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Hi everyone!!!
I am new member here. I was looking for some tips on Internet to help me with my back, with my posture and I found this community.
I recently purchase Thoracic bridge from GB to help me open my chests and shoulders and to help me extend my spine. Different aproach, it is designed as a session that lasts 40 minutes, the combination of static and dynamic stretching...

For three years I am trying to open the chest, seems impossible. :) My lumbar spine is flexible, and it is very difficult to open the thoracic spine made of concrete, arch through it and not the low back.
I really try to open chest, shoulders, PPT, do passive hanging, everything... and this is the result is video below :(
I have structural kyphosis, I guess, because when I am bending forward, I can see hump with sharp angles, it is not nicely rounded... But I hope that I am able to make some positive change in that area, in soft tissue...
What do you think? Can some of your courses help me to make some progress?
Do people with structural kyphosis can achieve a solid bridge, ever? If structural kiphosis is not very big?
Thank you very much :)




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Hi Jelena,

9 minutes ago, Jelena Djordjevic said:

I have structural kyphosis, I guess

Don’t guess! Has a scan confirmed that you have structural kyphosis? Until it has, I would treat it as if you don’t.

I have seen people with a MUCH worse “posture” and bridge than you display & they have made drastic improvements on both!  

TO open the chest, you won’t find better than the “crossbow”:


You will also need some passive backward bending. If you don’t have a “whale” then a couch will do. You can actually target some of the problem vertebra and see if you can get some movement there:


I suspect your hip flexors are also very tight if you are feeling your bridge in your lower back. This is the best HF stretch you will find:


This should be more than enough to get you started but any/all of the other Stretch Therapy work would be great to check out! 

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@DavidGrey Thank you very very much...
I don’t have a scan, I have MR of lumbar spine, not middle, but once my physiotherapist told me that, that my kyphosis is structrural, not postural. He said that I could make changes in my spine only above and below that area... And I would be happy to make any kind of progress.
I’ll try this stretches!
Thanks again!!! 

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Sounds particularly bogus from the physio considering that area of the spine is fundamentally and actually a process of change which you do influence. Just nonsensical, unless you are some sort of titanium cyborg...? jokes :) Welcome Jelena, you will make great improvements, I am sure.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well... I need your help... When I posted video last night (of my elevated bridge and walkover) on GB forum, one Forum coach wrote: "Definitely some genetical restriction, I should spend the vast majority of the time on levated bridge for now rather than floor bridge."
I am sad, but OK, I can work on my spine even though I have limited success.
What do you reccomend to purchase- Overcome Neck & Back Pain or Stretching & Flexibility?


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Genetical restriction does sound bad, I wonder if there will be a genetic test for this one day?

Seriously though, elevated bridge work is good.

That wrist work and tripod I saw on your youtube though won't be too effective (looks like the same as early GB progressions I did).  The wrist stuff is too easy against the wall for most people and the tripod, although fun won't really be a fast track to handstand, will barely even do anything except get you upside down, which you can do a multitude of other ways. It's a great fun move though. All those GB courses are very sub-par for the uninformed ie their target audience. The culture is bad from the top down from what I've seen, so I would (and did) bail on the whole scene. But, do what you want. Culture is somewhat important.

Sure, why not buy S&F from Kit! Have a look at Kit's vimeo backbending for a different perspective, or youtube channel. Take David's advice above. I would also think more about how you are thinking about things ie I don't just have "positive wishes". Many people would really love your bridge and walkover, so I would think about it from that perspective for just a little bit. If I were you I would actually try thinking, wow I do have an awesome bridge and walkover; but whatever floats your boat.

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@AndeL Sorry for my English ?

The story goes like this. I joined the Facebook hanstand challenge, 31 days, 31 exercises. Challenge showed me weak links that I have, so I decided to do something. For years, I train at the gym, classical strength training, DL, versions of squat, WL, press, pull exercises ... I felt stiffness and my posture was terrible. 3 months ago I decided to leave the weight work and do only BW training ... and I realized that I do not know to practice gymnastics, progressions and I asked for help at GB forum. Fexibility of the spine and shoulders, flexibility and great weakness of wrists is my weak point, so I got advice to buy TB course and Handstand 1 course.

I can hold a free handstand for about 30 seconds, but it is banana handstand and I wanted to make it right with course help  ... Exercises for the wrists on the wall are far enough, believe me, I have a very weak wrists that are prone to tendonitis. I  have problems with mobility exercises, it will be very difficult to master them and it will slow me down.

I agree with you, I should be, as 41 years old person more pleased with what my body can do. ? but I hate my posture ?


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