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5 hours ago, Nathan said:

Interesting! I wonder if the coach perhaps had Steven mixed up with someone else? I have seen some pretty impressive videos of Steven on YouTube - he is definitely very strong and can do some impressive skills. As far as I know, he also coaches a gymnastics club and is a physical therapist. I don't know all of the details, but he seems to be highly regarded by other trustworthy people. @161803398874989 Have you ever heard these kind of claims, Phi?

I do agree that I would rather see real models in the book. (Then again, there is also the problem of simply using models that can do everything perfectly despite having gotten there by different methods, e.g. some GB material.) I believe I have seen Steven mention the reason that this hasn't happened, although I can't recall the specifics.

Well he who shall not be named also can't do all the skills he teaches, so does that make him a bad coach? Of course not. You look at the people they train and see how far they get. Steve has coached a couple people to straddle planche and iron cross I'm pretty sure. The recommended routine on /r/bodyweightfitness is based largely on OG, and that one works pretty well for what it tries to achieve.

As far as the very high progressions go (backwards felges, butterfly mounts, etc.) that is pretty theoretical. To put it succinctly: Steve has experience up to a moderately high level, but not up until coaching victorians and stuff, that's more theoretical.

In regards to the models, I don't quite recall. You'll have to ask Steve that.

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Please link a vid or two of SL, if you find good ones.

The criticism I mentioned could be completely unfounded (re. that coach, but the name of the book and the author was mentioned) and may have been voiced simply because SL could be seen as competition.

Personally, I still feel that the author of any book recommending a prescriptive direction ought to be able to at least demo a good deal of it him/herself (thus the fruits of the method). It's a credibility thing. And using real people in my view is much more convincing than computer-generated models.

 @161803398874989 A fair point re. the coach (but I have never said that he was a bad coach, have I?), but how much more convincing if he could still do many of those things? "Walk the walk; talk the talk".

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@Kit_L His YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/eshlow/videos. Most of the videos are quite old. He mentioned that he may post a few newer ones in the near future. I think he spends a lot more of his time bouldering recently, and apparently has had some health problems that have hindered training. I don't know the details.

I suppose which video one finds impressive depends on the person, but I find his last manna attempt fairly impressive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bubIS-oVB28

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It's funny. I've never been one of those people who feels like life has gotten in the way of fitness. Until now lol. The past few weeks have been pretty crazy on a work and family front and tbh training has actually been the last thing on my mind. Probably doesn't help that I'm still working through what I want to do. Either way I'm feeling like I'm back now. Have done some stretching sessions over the last week but nothing too major or committal. 

Yesterday's training:

Floreio Workout-

Shoulder ROM & Stabilization routine & Ido Squat clinic routine

Circuit 1- 3 times through

Slide into low bridge x 5 with 5s hold, rotations into arch using wall x 10, QDR rotational push ups (beginner version) x 10

Circuit 2- 4 times through

Chest to bar pull up eccentric x 15s, Ring Dip eccentric x 10s, cuban rotations x 10 (using dowel)

DB Incline Press- 15 x 9, 12

Pretty interesting session. The floreio whilst not that hard or taxing certainly gets the heart rate up when done consistently. Upper back and lats have all kinds of soreness today which is great too. DB press was included just because. No real good reason.   

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20/12/16 - 5pm

Banded scap prep

A1) Push Press- bar x 5, 40 x 3, 50 x 3, 3, 3

A2) Ring Chins- bw x 5, 5, +10kg x 3, 3, 3

B1) Cuban Rotation- 10kg x 5 x 5

B2) Pull Up Eccentric Only- 20s x 5

B3) Ring Dip Eccentric Only- 15s x 5

C) BB Curl (bar only) and Red Banded Tricep pushdown- 50 reps of each  (wicked pump from this :D)

Hanging x 30s

Bodyweight is 90.4 as of this morning. Expect that I've lost a bit due to no squats or deadlifts the last few months and that will come back on but hopefully I've lost some fat at the same time.

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Spent a good 30 mins working back and forth between skandasana and walking elephant last night with some HF work thrown in to satisfy my right hip. The gracillis is a bitch but this is not surprising given I have only started stretching this. A few things I noticed: my right hip definitely requires more work than the left one, the "underbutt" stretch I get in walking elephant is awesome, feels like I need to get the bent leg/hip further out of the way during skandasana, my wife laughs at me when walks in on me from behind when I'm halfway through walking elephant :D

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22/12/16 - 6.30pm

Wrist Prep

Bodyline Drills- Some hollow body holds (so weak!)

Chest to Wall Handstand x 10s x 5

Planche Lean x 10s x 5

Tuck Front Lever x 5s x 5

Push Up Support on rings x 30s (need to do this more- wicked chest/bicep pump)

L-sit on rings (bent knees) x 15s x 5

Knee is still giving me the shits. It had settled and I hadn't given it a lot more attention. Next two weeks is going to be quad, IT band and glute city. Really hanging to get back online with lower body training too.

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Have done two small workouts since the last log.

Squatted for the first time in 5 weeks and built to a top set of 5@100. RPE of 5-6 so didn't really bother me or the knee. Did some RDLs afterwards. Legs were sore for days but felt good to be back under the bar.

Did an upper body session a few days back too. Just incline bench and weighted chins. Have been seriously out of routine over the Christmas period. Had a stomach bug after that which threw everything into disarray too. All good. 

Am heading away to the beach for a week so will use this time to get some stretching and bodyweight stuff in. 

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Happy new year everyone!!!

Did almost nothing except surf and relax the last week. Haven't surfed for at least 3-4 years and it was fantastic/unsettling at the same time. As much as I love surfing I am mildly terrified by deep ocean water. The fear is 100% related to my current level of fitness/perceived level of fitness and my fear of floating to Tasmania. Anyway, I surfed beach breaks fro the most part and was never too far away. Here's my boards in case anyone is interested. I used the McTavish (8'1) as the surf really wasn't big enough for the shorter board. I'm also more partial to longboarding at the moment.


Was a great week though and has rekindled my want to surf and be fit enough for surfing. A large part of 2017 for me will be getting fit enough to do things. I've neglected "cardio" for long enough even though I can run out a game of basketball I'm really not that fit for too many other activities. I bought into the whole cardio eats muscle dogma many years ago and as a skinny guy who has struggled to build muscle it rang true. Anyway, I expect to be logging much more on my efforts to bring my overall fitness capabilities up a notch. Alongside that the gymnastics training will stay, select weightlifting and some basketball and martial arts will work their way in. And stretching of course :ph34r: 

2017 is going to be an exciting year. 

Edit- my motto for 2017 is Action. Instead of trying to plan the perfect situation, just fucking do something. 

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First session for the year. It was a small one but glad to be back into it and I certainly worked up a sweat. Probably more to do with the 34 degrees than the workout but whatever lol


Shoulder warm up and scap preparation & Ido’s squat clinic routine

20m Circuit-

Chin up ecc (ALAP), Ring dip ecc (ALAP), Cuban rotation x 5

Got through 8 rounds. Sweating bullets. Decent fatigue on dips and Cuban rotations.

Will stretch and do some SMR later.


Still working on a plan. It’s pretty much set but I’m going to just start doing it and if I like it will formalise something on paper as far as goals/intentions go. The overriding plan is to do whatever I want to do. I have set myself constraints in the past depending on what sport/activity I was doing. I’m not setting those limits on myself now which feels pretty cool.

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AM Session-

Scap prep, wrist prep, bodyline drills (core is so weak)

Chest to Wall Handstand- 10s on/50s rest x 5

Planche lean- 5s x 5

Tuck front lever- 5s x 5 (had two great sets and 3 ordinary ones)

Ring Push Up support position- 30s x 2


PM Session-

Ido Squat routine 2

Squats- bar x 10, 60 x 5, 80 x 5, 90 x 4, 80 x 7, 7

Reverse lunges- 20kg x 8, 8

KB Swings- 16kg x 20, 20, 20


Rolled out the hip flexors, quads, IT band, calves, QL, upper back and lats before bed.

Squats felt good. Had plenty in the tank but am taking it slow this year. I will look to get back to 120-130 in 5kg jumps and progress from there using 2 or 2.5kg jumps. As I’m looking to increase my work capacity I will be including some pure aerobic work over the next 8 weeks and this should help me with my recovery and also get me to that 120-130 mark. From there I will be including some higher intensity work and will take it a bit slower on the squat progression.


Jury is still out on the inclusion of some of the gymnastics type work in the routine, mainly planche work. I don’t have the commitment to train for this at the moment but feel like I should have it in there as I will look back in a year and wish I had been doing it. Will see how this goes.


As far as structure goes I am looking at the following:

Day 1: Bent Arm Strength

Day 2: Straight Arm Strength

Day 3: Jumps/Legs

Day 4: Rest/Active Recovery (likely to place my main stretching days here with limbering to be done daily)



Alongside this will be 3 aerobic sessions in the 20-60 minute range. I’m pretty excited to see how this goes. I’m looking to establish a daily morning routine (not just for exercise purposes) which would include something like a floreio/equilibre session for 30-40 mins or something like that. Based on HR during these morning sessions they could take the place of an aerobic session too.

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9/01/17 - 6pm

3.33km run in 19.54. Average pace 5.58 min/km. 

Don't have a heart rate monitor yet and wanted to stay pretty low so aimed for 6min/km. Seemed to go pretty well. Also noticed that after yesterday's squats that I felt my glutes and hams doing most of the work. This was cool. Also noticed that I run much better when I have active feet and ankles. When I actively prepare them for the stride as opposed to just running my pace was better for the same effort and there was no collapsing. Was a pretty cool feeling. So far being a cardio bunny is off to a good start :P

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10/01/17 – 8.30pm


Shoulder & Scap preparation


Incline Bench- bar x 10, 40 x 5, 50 x 3, 60 x 6, 55 x 8, 50 x 10

Chins- bw x 5, +5 x 3, +10 x 4, +5 x 5, bw x 6


Red Band Tricep Pushdown x 15, 15

BB Curl- Bar x 15, 15


Worked on the following stretches for around 10 mins each:

Tailor pose, hip flexor & standing bent leg pike- my quads were super sore from squatting then running the next day. Was surprising that the tailor pose provided some decent relief but shifted the stress to the hip flexors. Following the hip flexor stretch the relief was immense and only the VMO remained tender. Will work the skandasana to get some gracilis relief tomorrow night. 

Didn’t have a great deal of time or energy so couldn’t fit in as much as I wanted for BAS day. Will get the rest of the workout in during my SAS day tomorrow.

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11/01/2017- 7.30pm

Bw- 89ish



Scap prep, wrist prep & bodyline drills (need to do these bodyline drills daily)



Circuit x 5

Handstand kick up x 5

Tuck front lever x 5s

Planche lean x 5-10s



Circuit x 4

Chin up ecc x 20-30s

Ring dip ecc x 15-20s

Cuban rotation- 10kg x 5



Had some really good moments this workout. The tuck FL is really hit and miss but one set felt perfect and was almost in an advanced tuck position. Same with the handstands. On two different sets I kicked up to the wall but was able to hold a 3-4s freestanding handstand prior to hitting the wall. Good motivation to keep this work going.


I tried working through skandasana from the pancake program. Right leg no problems. Left leg just wasn't having it. Ended up scrapping it, rolling out the quads and IT band then doing some relaxed HF stretches. 

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Putting a rough guideline here for my training going forward:


Day 1- Bent Arm Strength-

Incline Press/OHP  RPT  (alternating each workout)

Weighted Chins  RPT

Chin Ecc, Dip Ecc, Cuban Rotation (till I can consistently hit 30s ecc for both)

Resilience work-

Bi/Tri/Shoulder pump work


Day 2- Straight Arm Strength-

Wrist, shoulder, scap preparation

Bodyline Drills

Handstand (either chest to wall or kick ups- add in max holds too)

Front Lever & Planche progression

L-sit/hanging leg raise progression


Day 3- Leg Day-


Back Squat/Deadlift (alternating- yeah I know DL is back too but whatever)

Single Leg Exercise (lunge, BSS)

Glute finisher (these need some attention)


Day 4- Active Rest Day-

Run/Swim/etc (LISS)

Will also include HICT (high intensity continuous training). Super interesting concept developed by Joel Jamieson. Can throw this in on active rest or any other day really.


2 days of dedicated stretching per week with daily limbering and SMR work.


Rinse. Repeat.


So it’s an 8 day training cycle and the first block will be 8 cycles. The plan is to work my way up through the intensities once a decent aerobic base has been built and continue to grow my work capacity.


Goals- First 8 week block-

Squat 90 x 4 – 130 x 4

Deadlift 120 x 5 – 160 x 5

Incline Press 60 x 6 – 80 x 6


Weighted Chins +10 x 4 – +25 x 4

Dips- consistent, pain free reps at bodyweight.

Most of these are just regaining lost strength which I’m assuming will be mostly neural and should come back fairly easily, or at least has done so in the past.

No huge goals for the GST stuff. Just training them consistently and not caring too much about progress. I would suggest that as my bodyline drills progress and my core gets stronger along with scap strength this will be a huge benefit in itself.


As far as work capacity and cardio goes it’s the same consistent approach. The goal of the first block is to build my aerobic base. I would like to comfortably run 5k in around 25 and maybe push for a closer to 20m time depending on my adaptation but neither of these really matter. It will be in the 2nd block that I will look to increase my times significantly with some higher intensity work added in. I do have a massive hill that I want to run once every couple of weeks especially given its summer and I can take advantage some sunshine.


When I write it out like that it looks fairly intensive but doesn’t feel so when I’m doing it. I do still want to train establish an AM training routine including some meditation, training and work before the world starts but I’m sleeping like a log right through now and struggling to get out of bed anyway.

Hope that actually made sense. 

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12/01/17- 7pm

Quick warm up. Was super hot and I felt ready to go pretty quickly.  


RDL- bar x 10, 60 x 5

Deadlift- 80 x 5, 100 x 5, 120 x 5


BSS- bw x 10, 10

Focused on really feeling this movement. I felt it through the left leg far more consistently than the right. Don’t know if this is due to the trailing leg or working leg yet. Not going to load these too much too soon.


Glute Finisher Circuit-

Backwards lateral band walks x 30 x 30

Banded glute bridge x 30, 30


Had a few beers PWO with dinner and was a really relaxing night.

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250m swim. Went in expecting to do more but struggled to keep HR low as I was struggling with breathing mechanics. It's a hard one to be able to swim slow enough to keep HR down and manage breathing. A few of the laps almost ended up feeling like sprints. All good though. Will swim again next week and go for 500. Working up to 2k while keeping HR decent would be great. 

14/01/2017- 6.30pm

Shoulder & scap prep, int/ext rotation

Incline Bench- 
bar x 10, 40 x 5, 50 x 3, 62.5 x 6, 57.5 x 8, 52.5 x 10

Weighted Chins- 
bw x 5, +5 x 3, +12.5 x 4, +7.5 x 5, +2.5 x 5

Circuit- 3x through
Chin ecc max time
Ring Dips ecc max time
Cuban rotations- 10kg x 5

Circuit- 2x through
BB Curl x 10 (bar only)
Red bank tricep push down
Banded standing reverse fly

Interspersed the workout with hip flexor stretches and some PVC pipe action on the calves. Absolutely smashed my left knee on the door frame afterwards though which is a bitch. Hurts like hell.

Felt pretty good. Incline bench and chins felt strong. Really taking it easy on the dips which are coming along nicely. Will incorporate some concentric reps in shortly and see how I progress from there. Once I have completed this 8 week block, and provided dips are still pain free, I will move them to the primary exercise on BAS day. 

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Didn't train yesterday so double session today. My wife did the Two Bays Trail run in Vic. Where she once took me for an ill-fated bike ride/run. On that day, as I'm not a runner, she suggested I bring the bike to make it easier. If you've ever done the trail from Arthur's Seat to Cape Shanck you'd know the multiple sets of stairs and hills making riding near impossible for a lot of the trail. This meant carrying the bike #goodtimes. Anyway, she's been struggling a bit since the half iron but pretty much smashed it in 3:02 which was around 6.30/km pace. We had burgers and beers when she got home hence no training.   

16/01/17 - 4.30pm

Scap & shoulder prep, wrist prep
Bodyline drills- getting better here

Circuit x 3
CTW handstand x 20s
Tuck Front Lever x 5s
Planche Lean x 5s

bw x 10, 60 x 5, 80 x 5, 90 x 3, 100 x 5 (was meant to do 95- forgot- 100 was pretty easy though)

Ended with some good piriformis/HF stretches and some front splits. Given it was 31 degrees here I got pretty low. Going to be 38 here tomorrow. Might have to try again or work the pancake some. 

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18/1/17- 5pm

Shoulder & scap prep
(hip flexor & piriformis stretching and quad rolling during rest breaks)

A1) OHP-
Bar x 10, 30 x 5, 37.5 x 3
45 x 4, 40 x 5, 35 x 8

A2) Parallel Bent Row-
bar x 10, 30 x 10, 37.5 x 10, 45 x 10, 40 x 10, 35 x 10

Circuit x 4-
Ring Dip Ecc
Chin ecc
Cuban Rotation - 10kg x 5

Good session. OHP is weak as but the movement felt good and the shoulder felt good. Rows were light but am trying to feel the movement more than anything. I've noticed that as well as my left scap issues my left glute is less awake than the right. Connection?

Dips were awesome. Great tension throughout the entire rep and was able to end with my hands in my arm pits for the first time in forever (you can tell how old my daughter is when I thought of Frozen upon writing those words). Cubans were good too. Put a mirror there to get some feedback and my right arm was a little lower and forward of my body. Fixed this and the movement went great. 

Overall good session. Time to eat and then the first ball game for the year in 2 hours. 

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Played ball last night. First time playing and more importantly first time jumping in around 6 weeks I think. Body moved well. So much soreness from the game but it's all upper back and hips which I can handle. Knees came out relatively unscathed which is nice. 

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Went for a run with my wife yesterday. The first 1k or so was uphill which wasn't a great way to start but we did an out and back so it made the final k a downhill breeze.  A strange way to celebrate our 11 year wedding anniversary but we ended up with Vietnamese and beers afterwards which was cool. 


My body is pretty much sore all over at the moment (doms style) so may or may not train today. Legs will definitely be pushed to tomorrow though. 

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