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Wanted to write a review of a new workshop since Emmet is very active on these forums and I'd like to spread the word.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are my own.  I’m a stretch Therapy teacher hence have a bias.  Since I’m an ST teacher I have a training background on which to assess the appropriateness and efficacy of the material presented.

The Summary (in case you don’t have time to read the full review): Overall excellent workshop.  Tons of fantastic content.  Emmet is clear and concise in his explanations.  He’s open with questions and is a fountain of knowledge.  Even though it is marketed at a general level, this workshop is more suitable for intermediate students of mobility.

Location: London, UK

Venue: Chainstore Gym and Parkour Academy

Date: Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st August, 2016

Times: Both days 1:30pm – 8:30pm with an hour for lunch at 4:30pm.

Number of Students: ~15

Booking: Communication was mainly through Elise.  She was speedy in confirming bookings and provided a comprehensive event details email.

Location Review:  Was a bit out of the way and tricky to find but overall okay.  They had all the equipment we needed.

Content:  Topics covered included discussion of acquisition and integration phases of movement training, ankle mobility, front folding, pancake and side splits, front splits, joint rotations, torso and back bending, loaded progressive stretching, ballistic stretching.  Those who have been training in mobility for a while, will find that the techniques presented enable them to take their training to the next level.

There was a lot of content.  The material was logically organized and presented in a progressive format.  Even though a nice typed up set of notes was presented to help students follow along, it was quite overwhelming.  Would like to incorporate some elements into my training and retake the workshop in a year.    

This was the first time this workshop has been run so we didn’t quite get through the notes.  They were a bit ambitious I think.  I expect the material will be distilled down for future iterations.

Overall a great selection of material presented in enough depth to teach everyone something new and keep them interested.

Presentation: Emmet has a very relaxed and approachable style.  Questions were encouraged and addressed in a timely fashion.  The workshop seemed more like a fireside chat where people were exchanging ideas and trying new things.  Experimentation was encouraged.  We worked hard because the loaded/ballistic work was tiring.  But it seemed like everyone was engaged to the last and got a lot of material to take home and work with.

Conclusion: Super subject matter presented by an excellent instructor in a chilled out format.  I highly recommend taking this workshop.

  However, a lot of time is spent covering loaded progressive stretching and ballistic stretching.  These training methodologies are not appropriate for beginners.  You have to have spent several months exploring mobility training (i.e. GMB Focussed Flexibility, Stretch Therapy, etc) for you to be able to get your head around the methods presented and understand how best to implement them in your training.  This is an intermediate level workshop.

P.S. Emmett is apparently writing a book on this topic.  I’ll be the first in the queue to buy it. :)


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Thanks for the review @AshwinT . Great to have you there at the weekend and look forward to hearing your feedback after a few months of digestion of the material. 

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11 hours ago, blythe said:

Wow!!  How can I find out more about the proposed Australian tour???  



Its being launched in the next couple of days.

Keep an eye on my facebook events page.


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