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69 minutes in duration, LIV'S SLOW-FLOW 3 is a whole-body mobility/limbering program. And, recall, the goal of moving from "merely" flexible to relaxed and supple has been discussed in detail here:


The muscular gentleman to Liv's left (so right of your screen) is Jon Valentine, senior teacher and co-presenter of the Monkey Gym stream.

Here is a list of what SLOW-FLOW 3 contains; copy and print out if you wish.

  1. Head and neck in all planes
  2. Side bending
  3. Shoulder girdle, moving to whole body
  4. Elbows and wrists
  5. Pelvic positioning (essential to understanding how to use the ST system)
  6. Whole body twisting and circles
  7. Feet: flexing and extending, toe work
  8. Standing one leg hip flexion and knees
  9. Leg swings (these really challenge the balance!)
  10. Short stance lunge
  11. Wide stance squat > movements in this position
  12. Full squat > movements
  13. Elephant walk (still one of the all-time best hamstring stretches)
  14. Whole body lateral circles
  15. Wrist preparation
  16. Kneeling hip mobility
  17. Hip flexors > leg straightening > rolling inside/outside back leg's knee > two leg "scissor" contractions


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