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Found 2 results

  1. New log for 2016! After a somewhat lacklustre finish to 2015 (at least in competition terms) I aim to correct that for 2016. Some goals (may be added to or adjusted over the course of the year): Weightlifting: Snatch 100kg Clean and Jerk 130kg Total 230kg (A Grade total for 69kg class) Hold (and preferably maintain) at least one National Masters record, probably Clean and Jerk, and Total records. (Previously held National Clean and Jerk record, and currently hold all 3 State records.) Flexibility: Restore shoulder mobility to where I can clasp hands (and eventually monkey grip) hands behind back (Cow Face pose I guess?) Restore bridging to previous level of ease Clasp hands both sides in this pose (I can get it on but not the other at the moment): http://www.alkavadlo.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/062012-Twist-4.jpg Full, relaxed, pancake (I'm pretty close but I want to have nose to balls and everything in between on the ground and be comfortable) General Strength: Back squat over 180kg @ ~70kg BW Front squat over 155kg @ ~70kg BW DL over 181kg Press the 24 KB, pain-free, for reps Restoration: Attend BOTH Dave and Cherie's classes (preferably this will mean two awesome stretch sessions a week) Start a lying meditation practice (once a week to begin with) Daily Nei Gong practice of 30+ mins
  2. The aim of this log is document my current block of training here for comment and discussion. My main training is Olympic weightlifting and I dabble in Judo as well, plus doing some stretching and stuff with Dave. I just competed at Nationals the other week (92/118 at 69kg BW) and my next comp isn't until mid-December so I thought it would be beneficial to have a bit of a break from the full lifts for a bit before getting back into regular training. While I am a big believer in sticking with the basics, I wanted to throw a bit more unilateral stuff into the mix to try and improve some side to side imbalances and do some stuff that I haven’t done in a while. I tore my rotator cuff in November 2013 (this is my first year back competing in weightlifting) so one of my aims is to improve my overhead press so there is a fair bit of pressing included plus a bunch of shoulder stability things. I have a bit of a ‘hip thing’ in my left hip so I’m including unilateral lower body and some super-slow squatting as well for some tendon and ligament strengthening. Monday’s training (all weights in kg): Barbell complex: Muscle snatch>Klokov Press>Lateral lunge>Cossack lunge>Curtsy squat>Drop snatch>Snatch Sotts press (bar x5, 30kg x5) Barbell Windmill Bar(20kg) 3x5 25 2x5 FSQ Split-squat 60 3x5 (L/R) 70 2x5 Deficit Clean Pull 130 3x5 Ab Wheel (from feet) BW 3x3 Kroc Rows 29 3x20 Lu Raises 5 3x10 I actually felt pretty good after this workout, tired but in general pretty good. And then I woke up this morning and have the most wicked DOMS in my abs from that damn ab wheel.
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