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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, 

I wonder if any of you have had experience with bilateral ulnar nerve entrapment (not related to any structural problems)? I’m really struggling with this and have been seeing an OT and physio for over 6 months but no real improvement. I’ve had MRI and x-ray showing my neck is in good shape, no nerve impingement there. I’ve been told it’s most likely caused by muscle tension, but not sure which muscles or where along the nerve pathway the impingement is. I wondered if any of you might have some ideas? 

 Further info: The pain I feel is an intensely cold sensation starting at little finger joints and as it gets worse it travels through wrist up to the elbow. Both left and right arm but usually worse on the right (I’m right handed). The nerve pain is worse with computer work (sitting or standing), particularly mouse work (most problematic, my work is > 80% computer based). I have typical forward head posture and rounded shoulders, prone to regular tight and painful neck and upper back muscles. Mid and lower back tightness from time to time. Symptoms are also brought on by driving, four point kneeling position, plank and shoulder rolls (eg. beginning of ABSS-Prog-4: Shoulders and neck). Treatment so far has included: immobilising fingers in a splint, massage, mobilising neck facet joints, dry needling upper traps, rotator cuff and forearms I’ve also been doing daily nerve glide and a range of exercises for posture correction

 I have Kit’s ONBP book and a few of the video series. I've tried many of the stretches, but I'm just not sure where to start with targeting my nerve pain and neck/back pain.

 And the people I've been to see seem to be a bit stumped as to the root cause. If any of you have thoughts or advice I’d be very grateful to hear it!

 Many, many thanks! Kelly
  2. Hi all, New here and sincere apologies, but I have not been able to find a post that relates to the above. I'm happy to be directed to a relevant post or thread if this has already been covered. I've been working on handstands and tumbling since about a year and a bit. Prior to this I was mostly doing yoga, with a middling level of skill. In addition to handstand and gymnastics classes twice a week, I recently signed up to Emmett's online programme at the Handstand Factory. I also purchased the previous edition of Overcoming Neck and Back Pain and Kit's Shoulder Mobility Vimeo Video's a few weeks ago. I'm doing the shoulder stretches as well as exercises recommended for lower and upper back pain in Kit's book. For years now I have had intermittent soreness in my rt. inner upper back - roughly middle traps, rhomboids area which radiates a little to the neck. Usually it's not a problem, tends to flare up for a few weeks in a year. It seems like it is coming back now as a result of all the overhead work that I have been doing. Aches in that area (sometimes spreading to left side) soon after my handstand practise. Pain seems to go away when I rest and don't train. I have a good physio who did some miraculous trigger point release work and has recommended thoracic stretching (quaduped side stretches, lying back side stretches). Since I've started handstand practise he seems to think that my thoracic and shoulder mobility is reasonably good (been working with Kit's programme), but I should continue to improve it as the range required is greater. He has also said that he thinks that my shoulder strength/stability in an overhead position is not that good for the volume I am doing and this is the main reason for the pain. He's recommended that I do overhead shoulder strengthening exercises e.g. single arm kettlebell carries pronating/supinating forearm whilst walking and also lying on my back/side I work out for an hour twice weekly at the classes. Plus once a twice a week for half an hour at home. At best can hold a freestanding handstand for about 10 seconds before I lose balance. Slowly improving this and happy with my progress. Would love to know what you guys think of the above. Also something to relieve the sore upper back after my workout would be good. I do some lat, neck and shoulder stretching afterwards but no dice. Perhaps I am being too impatient and should just persist with the above, maybe reducing the load?
  3. What are some good alternative stretches for improving extension in the spine, for back bends, without aggravating the tendonitis in my triceps? Stretches like the box bridge cause too much stress on my elbow and triceps on my right arm. Any kind of pressing movement will give me a slight pain in my elbow. "Ex. 2 backward bending from the floor", only works if I press mostly with my left arm, and only add the support of my right when I can fully extend both arms. With the elbows on the floor I still feel a pain in my elbow. Passive backbends over a support do not cause pain though I feel as if I either am doing the exercise wrong, thus feeling no stretch, or I need to make it more intense. The rehab process is going great and its getting better. I just don't want to put any undo stress on my elbow. Also, I don't want to lose time working on my upper back for the sake of my elbow. If needed, I can explain with a video to illustrate the issue.
  4. The question is in the title. My scapula is protruding and I don't know how to fix it. My kinesiologist says that when I raise my arm I get shoulder impingement because my scapula isn't moving properly. Ideas?
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