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Found 4 results

  1. What are some good alternative stretches for improving extension in the spine, for back bends, without aggravating the tendonitis in my triceps? Stretches like the box bridge cause too much stress on my elbow and triceps on my right arm. Any kind of pressing movement will give me a slight pain in my elbow. "Ex. 2 backward bending from the floor", only works if I press mostly with my left arm, and only add the support of my right when I can fully extend both arms. With the elbows on the floor I still feel a pain in my elbow. Passive backbends over a support do not cause pain though I feel as if I either am doing the exercise wrong, thus feeling no stretch, or I need to make it more intense. The rehab process is going great and its getting better. I just don't want to put any undo stress on my elbow. Also, I don't want to lose time working on my upper back for the sake of my elbow. If needed, I can explain with a video to illustrate the issue.
  2. I'm a little confused about the cues when preforming a passive backbend on a wheel, roller, or bench. In both the Backbend Mastery Series and S&F its required for you to relax into the stretch once you have your upper back stable on the support. Is it implied that I should tuck the tail during a passive backbend? I'm feeling a good stretch from the bottom of my rib cage through my abdominals without tucking my tail. I imagine there has to be some stretch in the lower back during a backbend, though without causing any compression? I just feel like I'm not understanding the proper cues. If I were to tuck my tail and breathe/relax into the stretch, I'd lose the tail tuck as my hips travel downwards or when I take a deep breath. That and I feel like my abs are continuously contracting without allowing a backbend to take place.
  3. Hi Guys, 25 year old active male here hoping to get some advice. I have very exaggerated spinal curves (Picture Below) that developed during my teenage years as a result of some awful sitting/sleeping habits. This has lead to some postural issues such as anterior pelvic tilt, kyphosis,rounded shoulders, forward head etc. It is really effecting my sport, gym and mobility work and I would deeply love to think that this issue can be reversed and am willing to do whatever it takes really. The issue is, that physios and PT's have not been able to help! I have begun sleeping on my back with only 1 pillow under my head. This, combined with postural awareness throughout the day and foam rolling/ peanut mobilisation has helped, but only seems to be taking me so far. I would love to hear some peoples thoughts on the issue and if you think it can be reversed? If so, how would you go about it and what resources would help? For instance, I am quite sceptical of chiropracters and don't want to fall into the trap of paying for instant relief but not seeing long term results... Would love to hear Kit's thoughts on this and also some advice on which of his series' would be most applicable!? Any thoughts appreciated Thanks, David
  4. Hi everyone, I am currently experiencing fairly significant discomfort and muscle tightness in my mid thoracic spine and shoulder, rotator cuff and QL on the left side (lats/traps) which I am working on with the help of various ST stretches especially forward and backward bends, the neck series, spinal rotation and QL stretches. I also have a set of anti-gravity boots and bar and gymnastic bars coming and am working on creating a better fit "baby whale" (barrel to back bend over) as I find it really hard to hit the right spot. Today I discovered that if I clench my glutes really hard then the pain relieves immediately. As soon as I relax it comes back. Like turning on and off a button. Amazing! Further observation revealed that clenching my bum makes my pelvis tip up, reduces the curve in my lumbar spine and makes my shoulders drop back and down a little and my upper back muscles relax. Even more amazing! Fortunately I stand with my back to the wall in a corner at work and I have a fully adjustable standing desk so I can do this without looking too odd. Now I am wondering if perhaps as well as stretching my back I should focus on strengthening my bum (and loosening hip flexors?) If I clench my glutes too much, will I strain or over tighten other areas? Is it possible to strengthen/activate my glutes enough that I can achieve this posture naturally without such intense effort (which I can't keep up constantly - either I get tired or distracted). Finally, I am rather curious, can anyone shed any light on why this is happening? I understand glute strength/activation and pelvis position impact posture and when used correctly reduce back strain, but I thought this would occur over time. I'm surprised by the on/off (like a switch!) effect this is having on my pain. By the way, a Physio, chiropractor, osteopath and GP have all advised the back pain is from muscle tension (described as "like rope" and "like reinforcing rods") caused by typing/desk work and my rotator cuff being strained as my shoulders roll forward a bit like "wings." I don't have a specific injury, more like constant throb and tightness. I also have a patch around dinner plate sized on my thoracic spine, left side, where the skin feels "frozen" or numb to touch (like how hands feel on a very cold day without gloves and fingertips lose sensation). Thank you! Sorry my profile is "faceless" for now, pics on my phone are all too large to upload. I look forward to making my way through all of the excellent info on the threads (I have begun, but there is much to read and experiment with) and getting to know you all better, virtually. Ngaire
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