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Found 2 results

  1. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/mts This link will take you to the page where the trailer can be viewed; from here you can buy the program too. Let's see if we can crash Vimeo's servers! This the thread to discuss everything to do with this program. The PDF, showing end positions and giving the key Cues, can be downloaded here: http://kitlaughlin.c...r-the-Squat.pdf My idea is that you print the PDF version to take to training; it is an 'aide memoir'. Please use the PDF as the reference for discussing anything to do with programming or execution. The following is the Table of Contents of the PDF: L1: Sumo squat E1A–E1D: Calf exercises E1A: Wall/step calf, straight-leg version E1B: Wall/step calf, bent-leg version E1C: Solo single leg dog pose E1D: Partner single leg dog pose L2A–L2C: Squat limbering exercises L2A: Full squat explanation L2B: Full squat sequence L2C: RollStretch squat E2: Standing piriformis L3: Boxing the compass E3: Relaxed lunge L4: Baby flop L5A–L5D: Cossack squat exercises L5A: Cossack squat wall support L5B: Cossack squat with kettlebell L5C: Cossack squat free variations solo L5D: Cossack squat free variations partner E4A–E4C: Hip abduction exercises E4A: Squashed frog - solo E4B: Squashed frog - partner E4C: Squashed frog - partner w/bolster L6: Yuri Cossack L7: Seated figure 4 L8: Inside squat E5A–E5D: Piriformis exercises E5A: Seated piriformis E5B: Seated piriformis wall support E5C: Lying wall piriformis E5D: Wall piriformis E6: Standing knee lift E7: Diamond pose E8: Full squat and sumo squat And the short story of 'how to use? See thanner's post here: http://kitlaughlin.com/forums/index.php?/topic/514-master-the-squat-and-hip-mobility-live-today/page__st__20#entry3848
  2. I have decided to call our 'products' programs; somehow this seems more human to me. Here are the individual exercise elements that comprise the Master the pancake program. My intention is to make each of these programs available for download for a price of $4.99. And these are downloadable programs: that is, they have no copy protection (no DRM). You will have a copy on whatever devices you have with you for use any time. We need you to respect what we are trying to do, which is to make the best information on the planet available to you at the lowest price. If you feel that you want to share these with your friends, that's fine, but please direct them to the download part of our site too; these programs take a lot of time, effort, and money, to make. All elements will be HD video, with verbal instructions, and multiple camera angles. we have already cut a number of programs from our recent National Convention using this multi-cam approach and it works very well. Mastering the pancake Keys: L = limbering element, E = exercise element, FR = fascial release L1 Cossack squat, with moving to straight leg variations; use of wall or supports for balance and to hold end position L2 Skandasana, all parts (search for this term on our YT channel) E1 Tailor pose, part one (called the butterfly; this in on my YT channel too) E2 Standing bent-leg forward bend; over each leg and the middle E3 squashed frog E4 kneeling straight-leg mobilisation (half kona-asana) FR1: fascial release for gracilis ​and the inner hamstring (this can be repeated with E6, below; see YT for quick sample) E1 repeat, Tailor pose, part two (the moving the trunk forward element; key for pancake) E5 Supported side splits; how to use sliding tools L3 Standing unsupported triangle pose with reaching movements E6 All parts Kona-asana (floor legs apart forward bend; this is what GST folk call the full version of the pancake) E7 partner assist E6, all parts So, 12 elements for $4.99. Interested? We start shooting soon. Comments and requests very welcome.
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