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Found 2 results

  1. A quick one shot in a freezing studio yesterday evening; thank you Fred B for assisting on the cameras. ""Q&D": quick n' dirty How to position shoulders for overhead squat https://vimeo.com/kitlaughlin/review/134073741/bf60d3dc96 And before anyone gets excited and says "this is not the way we do it" or something similar, please look at this photo of Kendrick Farris: https://instagram.com/p/0-R1WFRa5S I am showing an alternative to the accepted way if, like me, you do not have the required thoracic extension to do it properly (or perhaps we should say traditionally). And there's a thread here that gave rise to this clip, too: http://kitlaughlin.com/forums/index.php?/topic/869-shoulderthoracic-mobility-for-snatch-and-overhead-squat/ Comments on the thread, please, not on this post; I will lock this now.
  2. Hello all, I really need some advice for more targeted work to address my inability to perform a Snatch (squat variety) or Overhead Squat. I do a lot of CrossFit and I am progressing in every other movement except these two because I do not have the range of motion to do them. The range of motion i currently have my shoulders can only be described as atrocious. Give me any range of motion test you can think of and I will surely fail it! I have been working the shoulder mobility series and it has improved my shoulders to some degree (admittedly I need to spend more time working them). Squatting is not a problem for me. I can squat with my feet shoulder width apart and sticking straight forward, so it doesnt feel that hip or ankle mobility is the issue (also not saying i couldnt improve on them). To even attempt an overhead squat I have to really widen my stance and turn my feet out. The barbell at the bottom of the squat (assuming I even hit that depth that day) is not behind my head as it should be rather more on top of it. My shoulders just do not let my arms move back in that direction. I also feel a lot of tension in my back when i perform that movement. I really looking for an answer explaining what areas need to be the most flexible to perform those overhead movements, how my specific mobility problems relate to those, what stretches or drills should I be doing to address them, and in what frequency. If you would like me to perform any drills or to share any pictures of my range of motion I can certainly do so if that would help address my issues. Thank you in advance! Matt
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