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Found 5 results

  1. I've noticed that my ability to bring my torso upright in side splits is inversely proportional to the depth of the side split. So when I'm at my max side split I have to be leaning forward on something. It feels like its due to chronically tight hip flexors. I'm working hard to relax the entire hip region as I push my torso upright but it feels like it becomes a hip flexor stretch instead of a side split stretch. I feel it a lot on the outside of my hips as well. If I really hold it a long time there's some popping as I go deeper, feels like thinks are getting shifted out of the way. I'm assuming I just have to keep working on my hip flexors to overcome this. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. As always, my most heartfelt thanks for this resource.
  2. I lately feel a big soreness WHEN stretching side splits. Its on the outside and sideways of the leg,upper part, just under a round bone surface.Possible name is iliotibial tract. I feel its a new sensation because before i felt the limitation more on the inside/adductors, upper part of inside leg. But now i feel the limitation shifted. Any thoughts?
  3. A freebie for today: https://vimeo.com/140036358 If you can put your lateral malleolus on the floor, you can't sprain your ankles (assuming bare feet or five fingers). Enjoy!
  4. Only available in Australia; we are working on making the plans available for you DIY types overseas. Have a look at this: http://youtu.be/4X39t23NDD8 And a few amusing moments "behind the scenes", including driving a car up on one. No comments on the crappy exposure correction on the video, either! http://youtu.be/oiOBx7TqIn0 The original Adductor Pro was invented by Dr Geoff Fraser; the current, non-tipping, model Adductor Pro IIIs are hand-made by Dr Greg Laughlin, in a purpose-built constriction facility (his garage!). They are really strong, are well made, and are finished in a very practical non-slip paint. Any colour you want, as long as it's blue! To get one, click on the link below; this will take you to the ADP III's own page on my main site. http://www.kitlaughl...uctorproIII.php Enjoy.
  5. Hey everyone; see HERE. I have left the post where it is (in the Stretch Teacher thread) but this is so important, I have linked to the original post. What, perhaps is not obvious, is that this device allows an unique way of stretching the hamstrings too, so can be used for the pike (paschimottanasna or forward bend over straight legs) Thanks Jim for the heads up!
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