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Found 18 results

  1. Looking for feedback: I realised (for reasons described below) that I and my students probably had quite weak rotator cuff muscles. There are a lot of stretches for the rotator cuff in the ST program, and we all know the strengthening exercises that use small weights, resistance bands, and walls. But I didnt want to use weights or resistance bands in the class (we dont have them), and the walls arent available for use. I wanted to use just the floor and body weight. Also, many of my students are elderly and some have long-standing injuries to a shoulder, so I wanted my exercises to be (1) safe
  2. I teach a group of mainly older students (a few 40s - 50s, but mainly late 60s to late 70s). Some are very flexible, having been doing yoga for years, but all need strengthening. Because my classes are the only exercise classes they take, I feel some responsibility for their all-round fitness, as well as for their flexibility, even though it is just called a stretch class. Therefore we include some strengthening exercises (mainly core strength and core "reflexivity"). The legs get some strengthening from our standing routines. However, doing other peoples' yoga classes over the Chrismas break
  3. I'm trying to figure out which of the programs to go to in order to solve a problem I have. I do CrossFit, but the same situation can happen to me in the gym. I take a bar and pull it straight up almost to my chin. The elbows are supposed to point diagonally upwards, mine refuse. They cannot move much beyond 90 degrees. Someone told me the problem was that my scapular is too tight. Maybe that's it. I cannot help but feel that whatever it is that is too tight, you have some program for it. I have the "Master Shoulder Flexibility" as well as many other classes. I would appreciate any suggestions
  4. Hi there! I hope this is the right subforum, even if I have not recorded a video. My question regarding the german hang: Is Protraction absolutely necessary to safely apply force to my shoulders? In other words: Can I be confident about not harming myself in the long run when just letting the shoulder girdle relax and slide into retraction? Some more background info: I am fairly strong and especially my shoulder girdle is quite tight and rigid. However I can get into the german hang even in a retracted state without any shoulder pain whatsoever and the stretch feels even more in
  5. I thought I’d post this, in case anyone has similar symptoms, as it might be helpful. For years, on an off, I had a mild pain along the inner side of my arms when I raised them to the side. I never thought about it much, and imagined it might be a muscle or tendon pain. Then it went away. However, some months ago, it came back more strongly, just on the right side. At its worst, there was a radiating burning pain along the inner side of the upper arm, in the thumb, and around the ring finger. The dull burning pain was strongest on a patch on the front of the shoulder, and all the mus
  6. Hello everyone, I have very tight shoulders, especially my left. I get a strange klunking sensation in my scapula that I get when hunching my shoulders forwards (as they are always generally) and then pulling back. This is extremely amplified when I do the last exercise in Kit's Yuri band demo, where he faces away from the band and internally rotates his arm. The klunking and snapping become almost unbearable. So should I plough on or is there another exercise that would target this problem? Thanks and all the best, Gareth
  7. Hi everyone, It's my first time posting here. I'm a male in my mid-40s and have been weight training for more than 20 years. Throughout much of that time I have had pain in my shoulders, mainly in the front of my shoulders, and mainly from working my chest. I've been able to minimise this pain by changing the exercises I do and using lighter weights. Recently however I have also started getting pain in the rear of my right shoulder, mainly when working my back or shoulders. The other week I had to stop in the middle of doing shoulder press as I was getting a very sharp pain in my rea
  8. Hello! This is my first post here, I hope I am in the right place. I have read a lot about the things I am going to say either from Kit's articles/posts or from other sources. A little about me, I am 20 years old, male, student, from Cyprus. I started strength training back in June and continued until October. that's when I realised that my mobility deficiencies won't allow me to continue injury free or at the very least, continue at all. Also a week ago after reading this article http://www.eatmoveimprove.com/2009/11/shoes-sitting-and-lower-body-dysfunctions/5/ I decided to address my deficie
  9. Hello all, I really need some advice for more targeted work to address my inability to perform a Snatch (squat variety) or Overhead Squat. I do a lot of CrossFit and I am progressing in every other movement except these two because I do not have the range of motion to do them. The range of motion i currently have my shoulders can only be described as atrocious. Give me any range of motion test you can think of and I will surely fail it! I have been working the shoulder mobility series and it has improved my shoulders to some degree (admittedly I need to spend more time working them)
  10. I'm a little confused about the cues when preforming a passive backbend on a wheel, roller, or bench. In both the Backbend Mastery Series and S&F its required for you to relax into the stretch once you have your upper back stable on the support. Is it implied that I should tuck the tail during a passive backbend? I'm feeling a good stretch from the bottom of my rib cage through my abdominals without tucking my tail. I imagine there has to be some stretch in the lower back during a backbend, though without causing any compression? I just feel like I'm not understanding the proper cues
  11. When it comes to Gomukhasana, or exercise 12 from S&F, how do you prevent the scapula and the shoulder of the lower arm from rolling forward during internal rotation of the shoulder? I find that in order for myself to reach the top hand with the lower one, I have to let the arm of the lower roll forward, thus causing an impingement. I may have not been reading the cues right in the book, but shouldn't it be necessary to roll the shoulder back and retract the scapula before internally rotating the arm? I also notice with exercise 59 for the external rotators, that Kit explains (the narratio
  12. Hello! I'm new to the forums, and I want to start off with a puzzling stretching issue that has been bothering me for some time, and it has to deal with the internal rotation of my shoulder (ankle joint restriction is another problem of mine but I'll share that in another topic). My goal is to make more substantial progress with clasping my hands behind my back (cow face pose, or the shoulder stretch from the FMS). I've used both Master Shoulder Flexibility and Stretching and Flexibility 2nd Ed. The major problem I'm facing is pressure/discomfort in the front delt as well as stagnati
  13. Hi everyone, I am currently experiencing fairly significant discomfort and muscle tightness in my mid thoracic spine and shoulder, rotator cuff and QL on the left side (lats/traps) which I am working on with the help of various ST stretches especially forward and backward bends, the neck series, spinal rotation and QL stretches. I also have a set of anti-gravity boots and bar and gymnastic bars coming and am working on creating a better fit "baby whale" (barrel to back bend over) as I find it really hard to hit the right spot. Today I discovered that if I clench my glutes really hard then t
  14. The question is in the title. My scapula is protruding and I don't know how to fix it. My kinesiologist says that when I raise my arm I get shoulder impingement because my scapula isn't moving properly. Ideas?
  15. I've been working on shoulder dislocates recently (overgrip and undergrip with a bar). I never had an issue using bands. I can use a pretty narrow grip, and I have good overhead flexibility and strength. But for some reason, I cannot keep a full grip on the bar when it gets near the end range, almost no matter how wide I hold the bar. For instance, if I'm doing an overgrip dislocate, I have no problem until the bar is about 6 inches from my backside. Then I have to let some fingers off the bar to finish the dislocate. Any ideas on why I have that limitations (what muscles are tight) a
  16. Dear Kit, I have a shoulder niggle that I am hoping you could help me with. I am currently working through your "Master the Squat" series to complement the gymnastic bodies foundation course that I'm also working at; my flexibility is pretty shocking, which is severely limiting my progression through the gymnastics. The most concerning aspect of my mobility to me is my shoulders: I experience a very specific click with pain through certain movements; not a normal joint click, but a more soft tissue pop which is quite uncomfortable and becomes more uncomfortable with repetition of the specific
  17. Hello, I'm following the guidelines of Rippetoe's Starting Strenght for the major lift. I have a shoulder flexibility problem for the low bar squat. I end up with the wrong wrist position that is pretty painful with a loaded bar. See below, my bad position on the left and the good one on the right. I've been doing some stretches with no improvements so far. What would be the best stretches to improve this position ? PS : if you want to take a closer look to Rippetoe's low bar squat position and why it's better, here is a useful video
  18. Hi, My name is Mats, I´m 50 years old and live in Sweden. I´ve been training GST (gymnastic Strenght Training) since 2008 and have been following Gymnastic Bodies and Coach Sommer since then. I´ve also been to 3 of his Seminars. Thats i little bit of my backround. I´ve had a problem with my right shoulder now for 8 months.The problem appears worst in bent arm vertical pushing strenght like at the bottom of a dip, the transition of a muscle up and especially in the concentric part of the movement. Horisonatl pushing works alot better but not perfect.Also headstand push up works fine. The
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