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Found 2 results

  1. See here; Olivia has been immensely busy this week: https://stretchtherapy.net/audios/ As well, and for the first time as far as I know, there are four x 90' recordings of the exercise sessions I taught at BUBS; from the web site: The following is a unique collection of the full audio of four exercises sessions Kit presented at Bandar Utama Buddhist Society, Malaysia, prior to the 45 minute sitting session each day. Their focus is the first satipatthana (there are four; the first foundation of mindfulness is the body). Kit approaches all the exercises presented from this perspective, and the cueing includes pointers on what to look for in the mind’s reactions to what is happening in the body – what you find might surprise you. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time recordings of this nature have been made public. Each session is about 90-minutes long. Enjoy, and please share/link to anyone who might be interested.
  2. You can't get much more real than these scripts. Downloading instructions: Control + Click (Mac) or Right Click (PC) on either of the links below to bring up the menu; select Download Linked File (or, if you are a Mac user and want to import straight into iTubes, select Import into iTunes from the same menu. The file that is downloaded is in mp3 format already, so should be directly recognised by all these devices. Here is the LINK to day 4. This script is about 18:30. Here is the LINK to day 5, including clear audio of a massive freight train that passed 5m away (tru Pilates is right next to a railway line; the benefit is that this script has cues to help you experience sounds passing right through the body—so if you get woken up at night by sounds outside, this is the script for you to try. This is around 18 minutes. Post Script: if you listen carefully, you can hear a certain large man snoring! Here is the LINK to day 6 (this is the longest one, at ~26 minutes) Enjoy, and please report your experiences with these.
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