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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, I had a random question for you regarding my back giving out on me and putting me in to level 10 pain. A couple months ago I was playing hockey, and of course my back went out. This puts me in to a major hip shift that you can see in the picture I attached. Obviously hockey involves a lot of squatting and twisting. I am trying to pin point the weakness or inflexibility to avoid this so I can resume playing hockey recreationally as I enjoy it and want to stay fit. Any information you might be able to provide or point me in the right direction would be appreciated. When it happens I get stuck in a squat position and am not able to straighten. It then takes weeks of chiropractic and pain treatment to get back to walking and sitting:). I am new to the stretch therapy program, but have had great success with mobility already helping me to sit comfortably which is a blessing! Thanks so much! Please know that I am standing “straight” in the pic and am in an extreme amount of pain 😅 A few notes as well. I had a right hip labrum repaired about 5 years ago, along with a L4-L5 herniated disc among other hockey injuries:)
  2. Every forum dedicated to the pursuit of human health and performance is rife with stories of musculoskeletal injury. This one is no different. Tendinopathies seem to be particular prevalent, which would come as no surprise to anyone with more than a passing interest in the field. The consensus of opinion here, with which I wholeheartedly agree, is that active rehabilitation methods are most efficacious; and indeed necessary for optimal recovery of form and function. The following is an article that gives an overview of some recent research into the use of Vitamin-C enriched gelatin in conjunction with targeted loading, to accelerate the rehabilitation process: http://www.mysportscience.com/single-post/2017/03/15/Using-gelatin-to-improve-performance-prevent-injury-and-accelerate-return-to-play A link to the research paper on which it is based, is provided at the end of the article. The timing and specificity of the targeted loading vary, depending on the injury (or focus where performance enhancement is the goal) and the sport for which the person is training. But I've been using the following to assist with the rehab of a mild Achilles tendinopathy (medial gastroc insertion): "To increase collagen synthesis, we had the subjects jump rope for 6 minutes, one hour after taking the supplements" My sport is trail running, so jump rope is a particularly useful tool. Obviously if you are experiencing elbow tendinitis, you will have to find an alternative rehab exercise. This can be repeated as often as you are able, but with at least 6hrs rest in between efforts. I'm sticking with once per day, because... life.
  3. Hi everyone, It's my first time posting here. I'm a male in my mid-40s and have been weight training for more than 20 years. Throughout much of that time I have had pain in my shoulders, mainly in the front of my shoulders, and mainly from working my chest. I've been able to minimise this pain by changing the exercises I do and using lighter weights. Recently however I have also started getting pain in the rear of my right shoulder, mainly when working my back or shoulders. The other week I had to stop in the middle of doing shoulder press as I was getting a very sharp pain in my rear right shoulder. (I can also get a milder pain sometimes when holding the bar doing squats. My right rear shoulder becomes really tight all of a sudden and I have to stop.) One thing that I have noticed is that I have limited external rotation in my right shoulder: Suppose I stand with my back against a wall, my upper arms also against the wall and parallel to the floor, and my forearms bent at a 90 degree angle. If I now try to externally rotate my arms so that my forearms also touch the wall, it's harder to do with my right arm and near the end position the rear of my right shoulder hurts. My right side also has reduced external rotator strength: If I lie on my side and do the standard rotator cuff strengthening exercise, my right arm becomes fatigued more quickly than my left. Currently I am doing Kit's long stick external rotation stretch which feels pretty good and may be helping. Other things I have tried include - the two standard external rotator cuff exercises - face pulls - various band exercises - pec stretches against a wall All of these cause pain in the front of my shoulders, either fairly immediately, or later in the day. (I tried all these before I started getting rear shoulder pain and hence I don't know if doing them now would also cause rear shoulder pain.) In addition, any stretch that involves placing my arms across my body tends to lead to front shoulder pain. In the past I've also used a ball to massage the rear of my shoulders, my shoulder blades, and also my chest. I am not really sure if that was helping or not. I'd really like to improve my shoulders. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I would be most interested in any help and suggestions. I am 38 years old, a former competitive middle-distance runner, planning on a general workout program as follows: running/swimming; yoga/gymnastics strength training; and, grappling (BJJ/Wrestling). This will be a humble, well-rounded program, about 2 hours/day 6-7 days/week with an emphasis on the low-impact activities. Unfortunately, I have injuries to take care of first. These are: 1. Mild OA in both hips, currently stabalized with PT exercises. 2. Chondramalacia + undiagnosed pain in left knee. Injured knee in wrestling drill in 2008 where a big guy landed on me, my leg went out to the side, and a loud pop ensued, but it seemed to heal on its own over a month or two. Pain on excessive weight bearing; aggravated by any cycling, bridging, and even kicking of swimming. 3. Right shoulder supraspinatis partial tendon tear and 7mm separation in AC joint and inflammed bursa. No idea how the injury ocurred, but must be related to a BJJ submission in which my arm was bent behind my back in 2009. So basically, I'm walking wounded, and quite frankly, I have not had a day without some kind of chronic injury since 2007. Nothing major, just always enough to preclude actual training. I do have a sports doctor helping me with the knee and shoulder. But my big concern is how can I best reduce the chance of ongoing injuries as I start this new exercise program in the spring??? For instance, can the Overcome Neck and Back Pain program help me with knee and hip issues? I have no known problems with the rest of my body including neck and back, although mild scholiosis but this rarely presents as problematic. Any and all suggestions appreciated. Thanks so much for this great site and forum! Geoffrey
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