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Found 1 result

  1. Physical Alchemy Laboratory 2017 Dave Wardman "This is how the Rishis did it when they lived on earth: They would begin before dawn practicing samadhi, perfect equilibrium of consciousness in which the mind is utterly still and inactive, for three hours. This was equivalent to Satya Yuga. At dawn came three hours of dhyana, dharana, and pratyahara - meditation, contemplation, and withdrawal of the senses - which represent Treta Yuga. For three hours until noon came Dvapara Yuga: pranayama and asana. The three hours just after noon were reserved for food, for conversation and for interacting with other beings according to the rules of good and bad conduct, yama and niyama. These last two are particularly necessary in Kali Yuga, when humans must live by regulation. At the evening twilight the Rishi would perform certain rituals, and after night fell he would take another meal, enjoy sexual intercourse, and sleep, all of which belong to Kali Yuga. Do you recognize all these practices? The eight limbs of Ashtanga ('Eight-Limbed') Yoga of Patanjali, ar ethose very eight practices, in reverse order: yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi. Since he had already made clear to me his belief that Patanjali's method as it is commonly taught today is not appropriate for Kali Yuga, he was now stressing that he respected it when implemented in the proper way at the proper time". [Vimalananda to the Author, Aghora II: Kundalini, R. Svoboda] And thusly the koan that besets Dave at the dawn of the year 2017 is the harmonious integration of the many practices he needs to do; the physical re-patterning work (teaching, tinkering and training); writing and video projects, family - all within the time-energy paradox that is my current existence. It is a good koan. Of the moment: Physical Re-patterning work: Re-patterning Stretching, Kettlebells & Asana blending, Da Xuan work: Basic Hands, Nei gong, Nei dan and others Physical Alchemy creative: Project A (neo-alchemical manual/book - which has been pushed back to Nov 2017), Articles, Videos, Workshops, Classes. Sitting Practice and other stuff from [L] The passage above I read just the other day whilst camping with my family and a friend. Among many other interesting insights I have had from this timely rereading of Svoboda's classic 'Aghora II: Kundlini' was the quote above with the intriguing 'Inverse Patanjali' programming. Seeing as though many of my practices fall into similar categories within the traditions I study in I am decided to trial an the programming. It will look something like this: Sitting Practice [45-60] + Nei Dan [30-45] --> teaching/private sessions on work days, dropping off Soph, quests for the day and writing/video on "non-work" days --> Nei gong & Basic Hands (and physical re-patterning tinkering) --> yoga nidra/sleep/nei gong --> workout on some days (~5pm) --> food & family time --> writing, more Sitting practice, stretching or Nei dan. Let us see what strange things happen. [DW]
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