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Found 2 results

  1. This might seem like a mundane or stupid question, but where do I start? There are a lot of threads and posts in the forum, and I'm a bit unsure as of where to start.
  2. Hello! This is my first post here, I hope I am in the right place. I have read a lot about the things I am going to say either from Kit's articles/posts or from other sources. A little about me, I am 20 years old, male, student, from Cyprus. I started strength training back in June and continued until October. that's when I realised that my mobility deficiencies won't allow me to continue injury free or at the very least, continue at all. Also a week ago after reading this article http://www.eatmoveimprove.com/2009/11/shoes-sitting-and-lower-body-dysfunctions/5/ I decided to address my deficiencies and that's where I need advice. My overall goal is a healthy, mobile body that will be able to take gymnastic type strength exercises with minimal chance of injury. To be more specific my short term goals are shoulder flexion flexibility for my handstands and to work towards restoring the arches in my feet as well as overall shoulder stability/strength. I decided that for the long journey of getting back my mobility I will be focusing on one or two "areas" at one time because otherwise I won't be able to give the attention needed. For reference I have Master the Shoulder, bought today Master the Squat and after seeing Yuri's sequence from MTS I also bought the Banded Shoulder Traction from Yuri himself (awesome stuff). The routine I've been following the past month that is incomplete because I keep building upon it is: The Foot Drills http://www.coachr.org/the_foot_drills.htm Yuri's Banded Shoulder Traction Wall Handstand Practice (3 times a week) Wide Ring Rows (for posterior shoulder strength) (3taw) Abdominal Wheel (for ab strength and potentially some hypertrophy) (3taw) One Leg Glute Bridge (actually following this https://www.t-nation.com/training/dispelling-the-glute-myth to help with flat feet) (3taw) Lying abduction (same as above, from that article) (3taw) Anti Pronation Exercise (from here:) And for stretches I do from MTS: E1 Cat Pose (both stretches) E2 Pec Stretch (on the floor) and whenever I have time I try the other stretches but not always due to time restrictions As for Master the Squat I bought it a few hours ago and haven't gone through all of it but much emphasis will be on calf stretches. Regarding this routine. I follow all of it as described on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday. And all other days except Monday, I do all of it except the strength exercises. I have some questions and I need some advice in order to work towards my goals as effectively as possible. 1) First of all, generally, what would you add/remove/refine in this routine to make it better for my goals? (again: flat feet and shoulder flexion/stability, at the moment) 2) Some of the limbering exercises in Master the Squat require to get in the full squat position. I can get there but due to the lack of arches my feet/knees tend to lean on the inside causing some slight discomfort in the knees after some time and sometimes crunching sounds, without pain. Should I ignore these? Will they go away over time? Or should I try a different approach? 3) I bought minimalist shoes from Vivo Barefoot. Can you point me to an article/video that demonstrates correct gait? 4) I am considering some running in my fivefingers once or twice a week. Is it sufficient? Will I see much difference? Thanks a lot in advance. Please if I made a mistake and this was not the right place to post this, move it or tell me to repost it elsewhere. Also if I left any important information out, tell me
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