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  1. This is a split off from my thread "Business Aspects..." that is dedicated to discussing our websites, Social Media vehicles, getting feedback and getting connected. If you want to get a feedback on your site related to teaching of Stretch Therapy, or related work or experiences, you can post here. None of us are professional web designers and we are creating those sites as part of the work we do to promote Stretch Therapy or similar work. Sometimes I find that getting feedback and tips from the peer group is better than from a technical expert. so this discussion took off when I was revising my own WP-based website corepilates.at to update the theme. Re WP Themes - I feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of them, is there a way to have a step-by-step selection process as opposed to trying them endlessly on? I always end up with the first that looks allright after about 10 tries.
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