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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone I've suffered a hamstring injury about 1 year ago doing a front split. After that, it was about 9 months of pain and restricted movement.. About three/four months ago, the injury started to get better as I started to strengthen the muscle group (mostly with hamstring curls and hip thrusts). It got better to a point where I would not feel acute pain sitting for long periods (what used to happen on the first 9 months) or doing any kind of leg extension.. But even though it got better, in some movements i still feel like there is a lock on my hamstring, a feeling of tightness that stops me from doing some exercises.. On the pictures, as you can see, I perform two different hamstring stretches: The single leg pike and the head to toe. On the single leg pike, I can barely touch the floor, as in the head to toe, I can progress much better (with some pain still).. It's worth to mention that I don't feel pain anymore doing the splits, but I do feel a little bit of a lock stopping me from touching the floor on it. Appreciate any help.
  2. Thanks to Simon T for the link! http://www.bettermovement.org/2013/interview-with-rafe-kelly-from-parkour-visions/ D
  3. Here's the latest three video movement-patterning series from Simon Thakur (of Ancestral Movement) and Craig Mallet (of ARC training). The three videos follow the theme of leading movement patterns with the eyes (and finger-tips), and cover rolling and spiralling (rotating) through a number of postures and positions. The drills are excellent, and can be done just about anywhere! Simon is demoing them with the smoothness and movement control-awareness that you want to work towards. Nice work guys!!
  4. General Themes for my training for the first period of the year. Working on strengthening weaknesses (esp. pressing), balancing asymmetry and generally getting back into training for 2012. Also, I'll try and keep a workout log for once (here)! Doing some bag-work in my carport (after finally hanging it up), stretching a lot, and generally working on mobility/soft tissue release stuff. This year I'm trying to unlock some the last restricted areas of my body, and generally improve movement quality and soft tissue health/texture (above maximum strength). Should be fun! Friday workout @ The Monkey Gym Playing with the rotational lunge for a warm up. Whilst the others are working on Gymnastic bodies inspired circuits, I am casually revisiting other great exercises. A1) Tuck Front Lever Rows on Rings: 4 x 6 (Focusing on height of pull and straightness of spine (i.e trying to stop kyphosis in the thoracic at the top of the pull.. interesting to feel the long head of triceps kick in for the last few degrees of pull. Really loving this exercise!) B1) Ring Chins [Neutral Grip]: 5 x 5 (Slow negatives. Again, trying to stop kyphosis and scaps protracting. These don't aggravate my elbow at all(!), now the slow road back) B2) One-arm KB Floor Press 24kg: 5 x 6 (man, I suck at pressing. Was focusing on engaging TA instead of rectus as much as possible) C1) KB One-arm row on Bench 32kg: 1 x 3 (only 1 set BL, but will revisit these next workout. Forearm perpendicular the whole lift, relaxed forearm). C2) Swissball sit-ups 4kg: 2 x 5 C3) One-leg deadlift (drinking bird): 2 x 8 @ 8kg D1) Hollow rocks: 2 x 45 seconds. D2) Fish(?), anyho the reverse hold for much less than 45. Just stuffing around with arm and leg positions. Tonight's (Saturday) menu: Some Side splits work at home. After coming close (~5 or 6 inches) from full side splits in 2011 (alas, no hat) I am re-instating it as one of my medium term goals. I'll describe my improved method of doing this some time soon. D
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