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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All I have a new student with bad right need and has had surgery as a teen on broken left femur so he has metal in that leg. He is a man in his 50's who works in an office. He had accupuncture last week on his lower back and still has swelling and soreness on that site. He also came to my stretch class which was basic stretches from Overcome Back Pain video in chair: side/QL, forward bend between thighs, rotation, plus some neck, then hipflexor and in his case floor piriformis with bolster as this was the only one he can do with out pain in his knee. He says having the accupuncture needles in was uncomfortable. My experience of accupuncture is always good, and I only feel the needles when they pierce the skin then not again, usually fall asleep. Does anyone have experience with interactions between ST and Accupuncture or similar experiences with accupuncture as my student? thanks in advance. Louise Stretch Teacher/Stretchability/Canberra
  2. I have noticed in every training session that the muscles along my lumbar spine are much much tighter than all of the other muscles in my posterior chain. I haven't been able to find any videos on the vimeo page that specifically target the fascia of the lumbar spine. I was wondering if you could help direct me to the videos that you think would be the most helpful. Also, are there any videos of fascial release techniques for the lumbar spine? I'm really struggling to get a good stretch through that area. Thanks for all the great vids and all the great info on the forums!
  3. Is quite a lot of lumbar spine extension dangerous?I know flexion (especially weighted) could lead to a slipped disk problem but what about extension? I use it a lot for (arched) handstands, side splits and (non optimal yet) bridges. I am working on more thoracic/shoulder/hip flexor mobility using tools like the mastery series, but in the meanwhile i am using and playing around with what my body can currently do. This short clip is a more concrete example of sth i feel uncertain about:
  4. Hi Kit, First time poster hope I've picked the correct forum. About ten years ago I had a slipped disc in the lower right half of my lumbar spine. For various reasons I waited about 6 months to get it seen to (partly because didn't know it was a slipped disc) by which stage I was getting pins and needles in my right foot. I went to a great chiropractor who fixed it and since starting GST it's been fine but I'm wondering if such a historical injury albeit now with no apparent symptoms could have a long term effect on the mobility of my lower back. On a good day I can get my palms flat to the floor with straight legs but my hips and lower back still maintain about a 90 degree angle, ie. the movement is coming from my hamstrings and upper spine rounding. At the time the chiropractor reckoned the pins and needles were a sign of some type of permanent nerve damage but I've since read articles which say it's merely the bulging disc pressing against the nerve. Partly because of this I'm slightly wary about lower back stretches. Do you think disc should still cause a problem and what can I best do about it? I have both your books if there are particular stretches you think would be best suited. Many thanks! Ian
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