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Found 3 results

  1. There used to be a topic for dramatic or unusual poses, but I cant find it, so am starting a new one. I hope I've got the identification right, as I've never seen it like this before.
  2. Hello! I am working to get overhead flexibility as my main goal and yesterday I found out that pec minor is not really the issue, as I believed, but lats. The stretches I've been working on are from MTS, the ground pec and ground lat stretch. The problem is that it's been about two months now that I do this lat stretch and I don't feel like I am getting new ROM. I can feel a very strong stretching sensation and get comfortable in it even after one or two contractions but I feel there is a limit to this particular exercise for me. It stretches my lats, but up to a point only, and I don't see increases in ROM. Today I tried the Ring Side Bend stretch and I'd like some feedback about it. I get into the position and I feel it strongly in my obliques and little in my lats. When I relax more I feel it right on the spot where the muscles teres, triceps and lat connect (behind the armpit) and little bit more lats. That sensation is quite strong and has a very slight burning feeling too but it's not unbearable. I am not new to strength training but my grip strength can only last so much, like one minute each time I hang so how should I approach this stretch and make myself comfortable in it? Aside from that specific exercise is there anything else that is recommended to try on my lats to finally get them supple? Maybe another exercise? Maybe a cue? Maybe I got it all wrong and I need to focus elsewhere on getting overhead flexibility? For reference, the way I realized I need to emphasize lats is this: I appreciate any advice. Consider me a beginner
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently experiencing fairly significant discomfort and muscle tightness in my mid thoracic spine and shoulder, rotator cuff and QL on the left side (lats/traps) which I am working on with the help of various ST stretches especially forward and backward bends, the neck series, spinal rotation and QL stretches. I also have a set of anti-gravity boots and bar and gymnastic bars coming and am working on creating a better fit "baby whale" (barrel to back bend over) as I find it really hard to hit the right spot. Today I discovered that if I clench my glutes really hard then the pain relieves immediately. As soon as I relax it comes back. Like turning on and off a button. Amazing! Further observation revealed that clenching my bum makes my pelvis tip up, reduces the curve in my lumbar spine and makes my shoulders drop back and down a little and my upper back muscles relax. Even more amazing! Fortunately I stand with my back to the wall in a corner at work and I have a fully adjustable standing desk so I can do this without looking too odd. Now I am wondering if perhaps as well as stretching my back I should focus on strengthening my bum (and loosening hip flexors?) If I clench my glutes too much, will I strain or over tighten other areas? Is it possible to strengthen/activate my glutes enough that I can achieve this posture naturally without such intense effort (which I can't keep up constantly - either I get tired or distracted). Finally, I am rather curious, can anyone shed any light on why this is happening? I understand glute strength/activation and pelvis position impact posture and when used correctly reduce back strain, but I thought this would occur over time. I'm surprised by the on/off (like a switch!) effect this is having on my pain. By the way, a Physio, chiropractor, osteopath and GP have all advised the back pain is from muscle tension (described as "like rope" and "like reinforcing rods") caused by typing/desk work and my rotator cuff being strained as my shoulders roll forward a bit like "wings." I don't have a specific injury, more like constant throb and tightness. I also have a patch around dinner plate sized on my thoracic spine, left side, where the skin feels "frozen" or numb to touch (like how hands feel on a very cold day without gloves and fingertips lose sensation). Thank you! Sorry my profile is "faceless" for now, pics on my phone are all too large to upload. I look forward to making my way through all of the excellent info on the threads (I have begun, but there is much to read and experiment with) and getting to know you all better, virtually. Ngaire
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