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Found 5 results

  1. Mobility Log November 27, 2018 Warm-Up 50 bodyweight squats Slight discomfort in right knee and some tenderness in right groin area (DOMS from sumo squat work, no doubt). Overall, feels good. Daily 5 (3) Since I’m focusing a lot on hip flexors with the Master The Squat routine, I’m leaving them out of the “Daily 5” for now. Also, the groin/hip flexor area is a bit sensitive from sumo squats, so I want to take it easy. The side bends and twists I’m also leaving out, as they are covered to some extent during some of the limbering movements in Master The Squat
  2. I’ve been trying to improve my straddle & middle splits by holding the straddle stretch for one minute, doing frog splits and holding them and doing wall/lazy straddle splits. The issue I think I’m having is that every time I do this stretches I only feel the stretch in my outer hips or with my straddle splits- outer hip & hamstrings close to my knee. I thought the straddle splits required inner thigh/abductor flexibility so I’m a bit confused. Can someone explain what this indicates . I’ve been stretching consistently for the past 2 weeks but I have always felt this discomfort. Thank
  3. Hi folks, First time poster. I'm working through the pancake series, currently around 20 degrees past vertical with a nice straight back. In general, while going through my stretches, (typically most evident in skandasana, tailor pose, reaching triangle, standing hip flexor), when I change movements, I often have to adjust/pop my hip. As if there is some laxity in the hip socket and it needs to adjust itself to the center for a new movement. I'd compare it to the kind of adjustment you get from a chiropractor, it's not painful but it can be annoying sometimes (i.e. I know I won't hav
  4. Hello, I first experienced some pain in my right hip last year, thought it was something temporary and went on with exercising. Capoeira, skateboarding, GST training and some running. Sometimes after exercise I could feel a sharp pain in the right groin area of my hip, the pain was often there for just a couple of hours after working out and then went away. After some time I decided to visit a Physiotherapist and took an MRI on both of my hips. The difference was clearly between my left and right hip. The physio suspected hip impingement on my right side. He gave me a couple of exercises in
  5. Hi people, this is my first post here. (Just starting with Kit's pancake series after doing other types of stretching without getting much results.) I have a situation with my hips and hamstrings that leaves me puzzled: Bending over with straight legs, legs together, my maximum range is flat hand on the floor with the heel of the hand almost touching the ground. However, some days I'm so tight that I can only reach halfway down my calves with my fingertips. Which means about 40 centimeters less range, considering that the heel of my hand is up by the knee! It feels like the tightness is in
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