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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I have been trying to work on straddle flexibility and trying things such as straddle ups (from a box) and straddle good mornings but get pain in my left hip especially when I try and bend at the hip (as in the straddle good morning). I can duplicate the pain by putting left leg in internal rotation while seated (so thighs at 90 degrees to torso) - I feel it immediately and becomes more pronounced when I hinge forward at the hip. I'm pretty inflexible in this position (I can barely more forward at all when sitting on ground hence the use of a box) but this irritation / pain in left hip is stopping me working on it at all. I've been trying L2 Solo Floor Hip Flexor from MTBB which seems to help. I massage gluteus med, min, hip flexors and quad and while it helps a little bit I haven't made much progress. Most of the time I don't feel the pain unless I go into the position described but it does seem to get irritated when doing lots of jumping (particularly running jumps where I take off the left leg). I have also noticed left gluteus max and med is weak, at least compared to right so I'm working on strengthening those too. Hip flexors don't seem really tight but I could be wrong. Quads seem tighter and have definitely been developed more than posterior chain (lots of olympic lifting, back/front squats etc). So I guess my question is - is all my massage and stretching more likely to be irritating it than helping? Should I back off and just work on glute strength? Any other ideas? Thanks!
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