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Found 4 results

  1. [Disclaimer: I don't know if this is the right section. If not, I apologise in advance.] Hello, my name's is Alec and I am 28. I have a very late start to artistic gymnastics, dating to about 4 months ago (12th October, 2021), and I fell in love with the discipline. PH in my name stands for my favourite apparatus, which is pommel horse. I am writing this topic because I want to improve my flexibility but I don't know if what I am doing is efficient and I have a feeling that committing to the the ST series would help. I don't know where to start with it, so I will make an introduction about where I am at, what issues I am having, and what do I need to do (skill-wise). I am committed to 7 hours in the gym every week, 2x 2hours sessions and 2x 1.5 hours sessions, which is not enough for the sport, as one needs 40-minutes on each skill most days of the week, if they want to progress at a decent rhithm, according to my coach. Still, I am very lucky as a non-elite adult to have these many group sessions, as most centres in this country only offer 0-2 hours a week. Issues I can know do a more or less proper cartwheel with a decent entry, finish and movement, but I still can't keep my legs straight when I am doing. Overall, I obviously would not get a minimum 9.1 out of 10 (execution score), which is my personal goal in every skill I learn. In a standing pike position, I could already touch the floor when I started but cannot fully bend to touch my head to my legs and hug my legs. I cannot do forward roll to straddle stand position, as I cannot get up. Furthermore, my leg opening seems to be much narrower than during a static stretch. I cannot hold a free handstand position for more than 1 second and it's not straight yet. I have control issues whenever I perform a skill. I don't seem to have awareness of everything and, if I focus on 1 or 2 tips from the instructor, I forget about the rest). I simply lack coordination, I guess. For example, sometimes I can do a handstand forward roll and a dive forward roll gracefully enough without producing a sound; other times, it feel like an elephant hit the floor, especially during Novice competitions, which make me anxious. I can more or less do a bridge and, while the arms are straight, the form is not correct yet. My back support position is not good enough when circling on a mushroom, which leaves me unable to complete 1 circle without touching the ground with my feet. My middle splits are not full yet, and my pancake isn't full either but it's getting better. I can do shears on the pommel horse as of today but still cannot even do 1/4 circle on it, and I think it's a hip mobility issue. I can skin the cat on p bars but can only do half of that on rings before dropping into the foam pit. Current goals Flexibility: Full pike fold Full splits (left/right, and middle) Full pancake (aka japana) Better front support, back support and side support position Better bridge Better shoulder opening/extension for handstands, handstand forward rolls, handstand flatbacks, handspring, etc. Skills: Press to handstand (from a pike fold position, from a middle split position, and from a straddle hold position) Front tuck somersault (current goal to develop over time into a twisting somersault) on the floor Handspring on vault (current goal, while the long-term goal is a tsukahara) 3 circles on mushroom or even 1 on the pommel horse. What I am doing (At home) I'm following most of the following two playlists but I feel they aren't good for adults and non-gymnasts. I did them 3 times a week in January, and my hips were really sore after the first week. Hips Shoulders So, yeah, I was hoping to replace this with Stretch Therapy. I also don't think the screenings on those routines are comprehensive enough to identify issues and know which drills to keep and which one to replace. Conclusion Please, help me identify issues, understand what programmes in your series should I choose to improve my mobility and flexibility, and how many mobility goals should I focus on. I suppose 2-3. I understand the differences between limbering, stretching, flexibility and mobility, as I read your article about it. If I missed any articles that explain part of these, I apologise and, please, feel free to let me know.
  2. Hi all, I had previously emailed this to Kit and he has asked me to post in the forum so other guests and members can benefit: I'm a 26 year old Sydney-based Engineer. I have a few niggling areas that give me trouble when I exercise (right lower back area and right wrist area when I used to do compound lifts at the gym; upper hamstring tendon when I run or do lunges due to a hamstring tendinopathy I sustained years ago). Before continuing and increasing the risk of sustaining further injury to these or other areas, I recognise the need to reset, work on mobility and also have a desire to build up a solid foundation of strength slowly and work from there. This is where Gymnastic Bodies comes into the picture. However, my posture and mobility is far from perfect and so I need to work on this the same time. I have just purchased Fundamentals, Foundation One, and Handstand One from Gymnastic Bodies. I would like to purchase your stretch videos on Vimeo but am at a bit of a loss as to where to begin. I was reading the forums and came across a comment you made in this thread: Link: http://kitlaughlin.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1057-when-to-start-with-st-and-what-it-can-do-for-us/ "And when I said 'I remember Kit saying that he thinks it would be very beneficial to do his work for 6 months to a year before doing GST to cover all mobility deficits we'all no doubt face ', I was talking about someone who was starting GST (so little investment) not someone with (say) a couple of years' work in..." I'm very interested in undertaking this 6 to 12 months of mobility work you mention to iron out any kinks I have before diving head on into the Foundation One course. I didn't see any of your materials recommended for this though. Would you be able to provide me with recommendations on what products you believe would be of assistance to me? Please bear in mind I am a complete beginner. Thanks very much.
  3. Hi, im new in this forum, i came here because i need help to do this exercise, i want information about what preliminary exercises could i do to realize this exercise, the problem now is that my knee cant touch my neck. I really need to do this exercise, and i want to know what preliminary exercises could train my body. Thank you so much
  4. Hello all, Yesterday, I was working on some bent leg variations of hamstring stretches to improve my pike. When I did a retest of the pike, I got a strong, sharp pain on the lateral side of my left knee (think top of fibula). The best way I can describe it is by saying it was like an electrical impulse that started lateral side of knee and traveled down to the lateral side of my ankles (pain intensity decreasing the closer it got to my ankle). The pain was intense, so much so that I immediately stopped the pike and began rubbing the affected region. Has anyone ever experienced a similar sensation before? Does anyone have any ideas on how I can prevent this from happening again in my pike stretch? Thank you all
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