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Found 3 results

  1. I havent tried this exercise, but one member of a group I follow on Facebook (Ehlers Danlos Athletes) was prescribed it and found it wonderful. It has some ideas which I havent met before (and I hope are correct), so I just pass it on in case anyone finds it useful. I think it could do with exploring, and will work on it sometime. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2971640/ You can also download a pdf file of the paper from the site (it was too large for me to attach here). Jim.
  2. I'm a little confused about the cues when preforming a passive backbend on a wheel, roller, or bench. In both the Backbend Mastery Series and S&F its required for you to relax into the stretch once you have your upper back stable on the support. Is it implied that I should tuck the tail during a passive backbend? I'm feeling a good stretch from the bottom of my rib cage through my abdominals without tucking my tail. I imagine there has to be some stretch in the lower back during a backbend, though without causing any compression? I just feel like I'm not understanding the proper cues. If I were to tuck my tail and breathe/relax into the stretch, I'd lose the tail tuck as my hips travel downwards or when I take a deep breath. That and I feel like my abs are continuously contracting without allowing a backbend to take place.
  3. Hi All, I intended to mention this at the recent workshop in Vancouver. I have found with a few individuals, when applying the partner chest opener stretch some report a strong sensation of hyper extension in the elbow joint. Experimenting with grip position, reducing the line of pull and easing up the stretch helps reducing the elbow discomfort but does not always yield the optimal stretch through the chest. I have noted these individuals are typically women and present tightness though the arm and/or some hyper-mobility. Any thoughts on how to remedy the elbow strain? Or beginning with other stretches and building up to? Blair
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