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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, After reading and hearing from some of you on the forum, I've tentatively started experimenting with ballistic stretching with that voice in my head echoing in the background, "Ballistic stretching is bad for you!" My personality in general is one of jumping in to try something, then asking questions later. Also, I have quite good body awareness from over a decade of full-time training with a kind of Wing Chun that focuses primarily on relaxation as a way of generating power. So I personally feel comfortable experimenting with ballistic stretching… so far so good, DOMS etc. I'm a squash coach though so my work involves human movement of all different levels, which includes general fitness & stretching. If a client were to ask me about ballistic stretching I would like to be able to give him or her more than just, "It's a myth that ballistic stretching is bad for you." I've read and watched almost everything on the forum but so far I haven't been able to find anything that provides what I'm after… is there anything? From what I understand, Craig introduced ballistic stretching to the other members with his Chinese martial arts training background, with Kit & others jumping on board seeing positive results. However, is there any history of progression which reflects a change of thinking on this? Or did you guys never buy into the myth (so there is nothing to explain)? Cheers, Mick P.S. I was going to ask all this then decided it wasn't necessary. But after chatting with my Mum on Skype this morning I promised her that I would ask! … I'm 35 years old…
  2. Hallo!!! Just a quick question regarding ballistic stretching. I've been doing the 17 minute bonus Pancake video (part of Liv's Slow Flo 2 VOD) every night for the last three weeks with amazing results. At the end of the video I do three sets of ballistics where I attempt to get my chin to the ground (which I now can). Question, using my chin to touch the ground (head facing forward not down) I'm more likely to keep the back flat and rely on correct pelvic rolling, is this correct? also, with my chin now on the floor is my next target chest to floor? 2nd question, is it silly/insane to want to work on both front splits, side splits and pancake ballistic methods everyday or is this really going to tear shit up for the worse in the longterm? Would an alternative be doing 90 days focusing on each individually? if so, has anyone seen loss of mobility from one when moving onto another? 3rd and final question, Craig is there a copy of your Ballistic Stretching protocol VOD video anywhere that I can purchase? It seems to have been taken down. Does it also focus on multiple ballistic movements or just one? Thank you all so much! I get so much from ST and love how helpful of a community you are X
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