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Found 12 results

  1. Physical Alchemy Laboratory 2017 Dave Wardman "This is how the Rishis did it when they lived on earth: They would begin before dawn practicing samadhi, perfect equilibrium of consciousness in which the mind is utterly still and inactive, for three hours. This was equivalent to Satya Yuga. At dawn came three hours of dhyana, dharana, and pratyahara - meditation, contemplation, and withdrawal of the senses - which represent Treta Yuga. For three hours until noon came Dvapara Yuga: pranayama and asana. The three hours just after noon were reserved for food, for conversation and for interacting with other beings according to the rules of good and bad conduct, yama and niyama. These last two are particularly necessary in Kali Yuga, when humans must live by regulation. At the evening twilight the Rishi would perform certain rituals, and after night fell he would take another meal, enjoy sexual intercourse, and sleep, all of which belong to Kali Yuga. Do you recognize all these practices? The eight limbs of Ashtanga ('Eight-Limbed') Yoga of Patanjali, ar ethose very eight practices, in reverse order: yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi. Since he had already made clear to me his belief that Patanjali's method as it is commonly taught today is not appropriate for Kali Yuga, he was now stressing that he respected it when implemented in the proper way at the proper time". [Vimalananda to the Author, Aghora II: Kundalini, R. Svoboda] And thusly the koan that besets Dave at the dawn of the year 2017 is the harmonious integration of the many practices he needs to do; the physical re-patterning work (teaching, tinkering and training); writing and video projects, family - all within the time-energy paradox that is my current existence. It is a good koan. Of the moment: Physical Re-patterning work: Re-patterning Stretching, Kettlebells & Asana blending, Da Xuan work: Basic Hands, Nei gong, Nei dan and others Physical Alchemy creative: Project A (neo-alchemical manual/book - which has been pushed back to Nov 2017), Articles, Videos, Workshops, Classes. Sitting Practice and other stuff from [L] The passage above I read just the other day whilst camping with my family and a friend. Among many other interesting insights I have had from this timely rereading of Svoboda's classic 'Aghora II: Kundlini' was the quote above with the intriguing 'Inverse Patanjali' programming. Seeing as though many of my practices fall into similar categories within the traditions I study in I am decided to trial an the programming. It will look something like this: Sitting Practice [45-60] + Nei Dan [30-45] --> teaching/private sessions on work days, dropping off Soph, quests for the day and writing/video on "non-work" days --> Nei gong & Basic Hands (and physical re-patterning tinkering) --> yoga nidra/sleep/nei gong --> workout on some days (~5pm) --> food & family time --> writing, more Sitting practice, stretching or Nei dan. Let us see what strange things happen. [DW]
  2. Physical Alchemy Laboratory 2016 Riding the Flaming Monkey Dave Wardman [ Aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi + Nonnulli perierunt in opere nostro –> #Attainthegoldenstateofmindordietrying ] 2016 - I greeted the New Year via arising to the aroma of boiling, spiced beef bones (wife is cooking Pho) and imbibing an "Odin-Force" coffee in my favorite golden mug (and some wine I found left over from last night). Yesterday I managed to complete all the forms of training I have designated as essential for daily training for 2016. Auspicious, I say. This is also somewhat daunting. I had the whole day to myself more or less (no work, minimal minding of Small Human). The task of this Year of the Fire Monkey is to train all elements, each day - whether sick, at work or doing any of Life's tasks. The hierarchy of training will look like this: 1. Awareness and Deeper Re-patterning Nucleus: Sitting Practice [shen gong], 'Self-Remembering in Action', Enneagramatical analysis of Life [observational skill-set]. As I mentioned in another thread, I will not be logging about this stuff but you can be damn sure I will be practicing. You probably should practice these type of things, particular the contemplative skill-sets, for survival value in the 21st century (I would say a deeper observational and pattern sensing system is essential, also). And you probably should remain silent about these things (other than with your Teacher, that you probably should have, and peers of sufficient octave - in private conversation). 2. Alchemical Shell: Nei Dan, Nei Gong, tendon-changing. These three and meeting Serge (and now studying with him online) were the revelation of 2015. Seeing someone in the flesh who embodies what I was/am attempting to do but had not encountered in real life (fuse the teachings of my 3 Teachers in the one human form) had a profound effect upon me. Also included - Yoga Nidra and similar Re-Enchantment level practices. 3. Physical Cultivation and Re-patterning: Continue refining the Re-patterning Stretching syllabus - both personally and in terms of teaching skill-set. Physical Cultivation - continue with Barbell Squats, add back in rope climbing, Heavy bag work, basic lever work, wai gong and more '5-necks'. Re-composition of my body to the level where my wife stops saying 'You got fat Jackie Chan!' to me. Play with more agility and vestibular re-patterning work. The need to do more interactive partner drills and responsiveness games is becoming apparent. I feel a bit sluggish and it doesn't feel good. Martial arts would be nice (but is subject to remaining time-energy after work, other practices and family duties) The arrangement of training in terms of 'shells' is to symbolize the deeper aspects resonating out and permeating the succeeding shells - and penetrating into Life itself. There are no 'weekend workshops' in this work. After ~14 years gathering information and methods it is time to Begin (again) - but this time play for keeps. Other things: Work on a couple of Secret Projects of Arch-auspiciousness level, Cooking skills, re-learning soft-tissue and visceral anatomy but via drawing this time (not text/exams).
  3. https://vimeo.com/136117742 The inaugural Neo-Alchemical Conversation (which is Dave interviewing various interesting and virtuous humans he knows) is out.. first cab off the rank is a discussion with Mountain Hammer (aka. Craig Mallett. aka Hammer.) on a modular paradigm we are both calling Re-Enchantment Arts. Take a peek inside.. [DW]
  4. The second in this new series is now live. A technical note: the two-shot camera was not focused (the image was completely soft), so I decided to edit this program differently. We shoot in 1080p only these days, and master in that HD format, before outputting at 720p (there is no visual difference if viewing on a computer or anything smaller, and the files are half the size). This means we have considerable latitude in the look of the final program. So, this time, I reframed both the closeups on the other two cameras in FCPX, and I am happy with the results. I have made a 160kb/second podcast too; link below. And our thanks to Cherie Seeto and Ken Lamb for the use of their lovely space, with its abundant natural light. The thread we talk about is relinked here, too, below. Vimeo (free download): https://vimeo.com/kitlaughlin/dwklcoffeeconversation2 Podcast: https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/kl-podcasts/Dave-and-Kit-Coffee-Shop-Conversation2.mp3 The Forum thread we discuss: http://kitlaughlin.com/forums/index.php?/topic/789-muscle-tension-and-flexibility/ Comments very welcome. DW will be starting a new thread so you can post conversation topics; I think this is a great idea.
  5. Hi Every body, Last weekend Craig [Mountain Hammer] and I finished editing my VOD instructional on the basics of how I use Hanging-Stretching in my Physical Alchemy method. In this approach Hanging is fused with Stretching, Directed Breathing methods and Micro-movements (Spinal waves, undulations and spiral patterns) to facilitate soft tissue re-patterning. The video offers a few of my favorite hanging exercises, including: Hanging Spinal Waves Elevated Lateral Hanging Hanging Liver and Spleen Rib Work Hanging Upper Rib work ** The Vimeo Link is currently not embedding properly** Go to Vimeo and enter Dave Wardman and you should see the same image as I use here. In the VOD section. When I figure out what is wrong I will insert the correct link. It also includes a small section on theory and programming, which I will expand in this thread if people have questions. As Craig pointed out to me, I say 'use a volume based protocol' a lot in the clips. What I mean be this is emphasis not working these stretches intensely and or long duration in the beginning (obviously the risk of falling off the bar, but also this intensity prevents the sensory dimension we are after.). I recommend starting off doing the stretches more often and at a medium intensity. Of course, for Advanced practitioners other options become available.. Some of the stretches utilize one-arm drapes, so somewhere between the strength-endurance necessary for a two-arm hang and a one-arm hang. Some options for unweighted and changing leverage are presented, but if you have insufficient grip strength you are best off focusing on the basics shown in Craig's introduction to Hanging series - of which this VOD can be seen as a progression along a certain line (Hanging-Stretching as opposed to more strength based Hanging variants). For beginners (inability to do one-arm hangs but can do two-arm hang for around 60 seconds) who have the requisite strength-endurance and co-ordination I recommend you pick one of two of the exercises and try them either at the end of a strength or movement session where you have not completely fried your upper body and grip or work 'volume' or accumulation of time in hang through-out the day on your active recovery days. Make use of the change in leverage techniques so you are not holding the whole weight of your body up with the stretching side arm. For Intermediate (2 minute plus two-arm hang, one-arm hang 10-20 seconds) practitioners you can do the same as above in terms of programming but should have the body awareness necessary to use these stretches even after strong upper body work (given adequate rest) at the end of a workout. Doing the stretches after having heavily worked the upper body does have some advantages. You can also play with different hanging-stretching on active recovery days. You should have the strength to use some of the stronger hangs, plus breathing and micro-movements, to really get into some aspects of the ribs, lats, trunk and arms that are difficult to find any other way, and this will feel good. Hanging stretching feels good for people doing higher volumes of strength work and/or martial arts, grappling and other movement arts. You will see a lot of people intuitively hang into some of the positions I have shown, but harder ever do they fuse this with the Directed Breathing approach (and they often come out a fair few breaths before they would have got a more profound result). Advanced practitioners should view these exercises as ideas and go exploring. This is just my basic outline applied to a few stretches. There are many other stretches in this syllabus and many other little movements, supports, addition of partner traction and spiral vectors, etc., that will come out in future Instructionals - but you can probably conjure up some great stuff yourself. The Basics are: • Anyone can make the stretch stronger, what you want is to dial the stretch to strong enough to elicit the desired stretch location and sensation, whilst simultaneously being easy enough to work controlled Directed Breathing vectors into the stretch arc and use micro-movements to 'wring out' the stretching soft tissues. • Directed Breathing is a controlled, slow and aware breathing arc ballooning into the of the stretch. This induces a pulsing, 'jellyfish' movement vectors into the stretch and the brings forth new muscles and soft tissues (fascia especially) that evade normal techniques. • Micro-movements are another additional vectors added into the tissues of the hanging stretch. The bar/ladder bars/tree branch form an anchor and the distal end, you can use proximal movement patterns to 'wring out the human towel'..so to speak. Some of the main patterns used are: lateral undulations, spinal waves and oscillations (segmental rotation) of specific spine regions. Of course, this is a basic template. Advanced practitioners should try any and all movements (safely and with Awareness) in their search for areas of sensori-motor amnesia and inhibition. • I have found that the addition of Directed Breath and Micro-movements works better for me in solo Hanging Stretching than using Contact-Relax protocols. C/Rs work better in partner hanging stretching - and can be combined with Directed Breathing and micro-movements (squirming into partner resisting force).. but this will be in the Advanced Alchemical Hanging VOD! Let me know what you think and if you have further questions. [D]
  6. Hi Every body, The first of the Alchemical Stretching series VODs is almost complete and will be coming out this weekend. It will likely be a suite of new, strong hip opening stretches with Physical Alchemy flavour. New Stretches featured: • 'Kali-ma!' Hip Flexor Stretch • Siesta Hip Flexor Stretch • Siesta Modified Front Splits The stretches will be easily understandable by people with a background in ST or other quality stretching disciplines. Nevertheless, have a read of my Alchemical Stretching article for the flavor in which I utilize these stretches. More to come. [D]
  7. At the request of K. I have added a link to my Physical Alchemy 'Library' (Recommended Reading List). The oral teachings I have been blessed enough to encounter in my life from my three Teachers are the highest form of knowledge I have received (and that information does not exist in any books). These texts are the nearest possible approximation extant in textual form, and there are some great books that completely shifted my perspective here. I hope you find something to enjoy: http://physicalalchemy.com.au/library/ [D]
  8. Hello Every Body, This is latest video is a sort-of second part to the '3 Phase Stretching Diagram' Video I posted a fortnight ago. This clip goes more into my approach to Alchemical Stretching, the Re-Patterning Effect and some of the parameters that can be dialed so as to bring about the Alchemical Stretching State. Let me know what you think. [D]
  9. Here's a video I just filmed on my Physical Alchemy '3-Phase Stretch Diagram': Let me know what you think. D.
  10. Mountain Hammer (aka "Craig") has kindly written me up a Guest Blog (#2) on Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang). Check it out here: http://physicalalchemy.blogspot.com.au/2014/05/guest-blog-2-craig-mallet-arctraining.html D
  11. Here's a variant of the Floor Piriformis Stretch - now in Video form (there are pictures and notes in my 'Autumn Training' log a few forums adjacent to this one..).
  12. Here's a Hanging Pec Minor and 'Arm Line/Lung meridian' stretch I have been playing with of late: I'm really loving the solo and partner versions of the hanging stretches at the moment; more to come. I'm hopefully going to be filming some of the variants of this stretch around Easter time.
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