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  1. Yes - one person each leg. And with the vastus medius area of a thigh as a 'foot pad' support on the sole of the foot as you bare down full two handed support onto one heel-achilles. It locks in in a very nice fashion. I'll grab a photo in class on Friday but I am sure you get the idea.
  2. You are indeed correct, @Nathan It shall be posted in a number of these locations. Just had a small session and great talk w Robbie and Michael. Robbie sagely suggested we ax the idea of deadlifting and thai pad work in the same day, though I am still contemplating doing some kettlebell and remedial strength post-rounds - or even later in the evening of the same day as said rounds. Today we just went over the basic 'tools' of thai boxing as M had never done any. The chat after was of a structural nature and involved talk on integrating some of the Fighting Monkey stuff M had done;
  3. Well, that was an interesting 2 months. Back into the practical research on this today, as fate would have it. The loose idea is to train hard again the non-stretching physical cultivation methods that I have personally found most potent and effective in changing my physical body over the years. We know, or at least we are partial to the idea, that certain stretching methods well executed produce quite amazing results over time when trained regularly (even once per week). For myself and others on this forum this aspect is ticking along nicely. And my stretching classes are bubbling awa
  4. Should take buck ass naked photos of the glutes and thighs and do a time-lapse of the morphological changes over the 100 days.
  5. [*] 'Tiger Body' syllabus [a journal of creation] The resurrection of all the non-stretching potent physical methods [DW] has studied over the last 17 years in on new class, you say..? Hai - after 7 years of cartography dominant research some of my tools have become rusty. Polish and grind. This tiger has become rusty, too. Time to re-introduce 'recoil' and counter-act the deficiency of agility. This class and syllabus will be a melting pot for physical cultivation methods I have learned but do not currently teach arranged around the 'idea' or 'symbol' of the tigers body. Elements
  6. http://physicalalchemy.com.au/body-tessellations-ii-paradoxical-stretching/ [DW]
  7. Dave runs classes all year - though now having a break between terms to tie in with my daughters school holidays. PM me and/or Fred and come in and explore.
  8. Moments ago: Physical Cultivation Chin-ups: 14, 9 reps Bent Press w 20kg KB: 9, 6 reps [Both arms] 15 reps push-up --> Floor Press with 12.5kg x 2 DBs Deficit Floor Press with 12.5kg DBs: 1 set x 25 reps
  9. Physical Alchemy Laboratory 2017 Dave Wardman "This is how the Rishis did it when they lived on earth: They would begin before dawn practicing samadhi, perfect equilibrium of consciousness in which the mind is utterly still and inactive, for three hours. This was equivalent to Satya Yuga. At dawn came three hours of dhyana, dharana, and pratyahara - meditation, contemplation, and withdrawal of the senses - which represent Treta Yuga. For three hours until noon came Dvapara Yuga: pranayama and asana. The three hours just after noon were reserved for food, for conversat
  10. Been quite busy but have fitted in some sessions. Largely these have been involving: chin-ups (weighted and bodyweight), DB curls, DB Curl & Press, Working on various yogic asanas, dragon squat, KB Bent Press and Side Press, Windmills, and so on and so forth. Yesterday: Physical Cultivation Bridge push-ups 1 set x 10 reps DB Floor Press (on bolster): 1 set x 21 reps w 12.5kg (x 2) Chin-ups (body-weight): 8 reps, 14 reps Bent Press w 20kg KB: 3 sets x 5 reps DB Curl & Press (oh yeah!) w 12.5kg x 2: 1 set x 21 reps note: almost full R
  11. Bit of Physical Cultivation last few days: Chin-ups w 8kg: 3 x 8 reps, some curling with my 12.5kg DBs, Some Front splits work (getting very close), Basic Hands, work on Padmasana [Bound Lotus] last night, got head to toe the secret route.. Just had a major breakthrough with chapter 9 of ze holy tome of Physical Alchemy (moments ago)! Workout later today, time to shave hair off now.. Yesterday evening - Re-patterning Stretching [solo] Worked on the Tailor's posture - once knees were flat on the floor all types of twisting and lateral flexion using the arm as b
  12. Tuesday - Physical Cultivation Front Squats w 65kg: 3 sets x 6 reps Weighted Chins w 12kg: 2 sets x 6 reps KB Press w 12kg: 2 sets x 15 reps (re-tweaked right shoulder but this was fine) Weighted Sit-ups w 10kg plate: 2 sets x ~10-16 reps Medicinal Curls for Deep Healing Medicinal Curls w 40kg: 3 set x 6 reps (rest-pause w slow eccentrics works very well) Ring Curls from Y-Squat posture: 2 sets x ~12 reps Barbell Curl Isometrics ~90°: 40kg x 15 seconds, 20kg x 60 second Ring Curls (one-arm isometrics): playing with position for un-timed duration.
  13. So this happened at @Emmet Louis 's Sydney workshop over the weekend. More on recent training later.
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