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  1. I have two of your books and have been following along your YouTube videos. The hip flexor, piriformis, as well as the standing side stretch has helped a lot. I can’t really tell a difference from one foot to another. Have you had any experience with tight hip flexors cause back pain? I included a picture and circled the area where the pain was coming from when I came out of forward flexion. I do notice what I believe is the semitendonosus muscle is still tight even after some of the hamstring stretches. Also, thank you for responding I feel like I am finally on the right track to figuring out what could be the underlying issue.
  2. I have done the leg length test and I don’t really see much difference in the leg length. I have a feeling it’s probably hip flexors and hamstring issues. I can touch my toes but hardly any hip mobility. I can’t sit on the floor with straight legs and a flat back. I also have no range of motion when trying to forward fold while sitting. I grew up in agriculture and was sitting in a tractor for 12-16hrs a day. I did this for many years. My lower body was basically in constant tension bracing myself because of rough terrain. I’m not sure if this history helps.
  3. I began stretching using Kits stretching and flexibility book and have been focusing on hip flexors and hamstrings. Recently I started getting back pain after forward flexion. It’s not until I stand up that I get the pain. The muscles seemed really tight after standing up and is difficult to straighten my back. I can then lateral flex to the right and the tightness and pain goes away. Sometime I can do a more intense left hip flexor stretch and that helps to but not always. Before I started the stretching I didn’t have the pain after forward flexion. I’m not sure if I’ve created some imbalance or missing a stretch for another muscle? I’ve had low back pain for seven almost 8 years and have seen multiple specialist and no root cause. The doctors never suggest a muscle problem but now that I’m listening to my body more I think it’s muscle and flexibility related. I began Pilates 3 years ago to help with core strength and improved flexibility. I started the flexibility training to help improve my mobility and to be more active without the fear of back pain. I haven’t done the leg length test yet but I know my flexibility from left to right is different. I’m wondering way am I gettting the forward flexion pain now but not previously before starting the flexibility training?
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