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  1. interesting, yes I can see the point about neural/CNS load, and it's good to have another anecdotal data point , thanks! I'll report back once I have a sense of how well this is working....
  2. Hi, First post so a little background: I'll be 50 later this year so I've committed to improving my flexibilty as well as developing strength. My hips are good because I used to do martial arts and I maintained my habit of stretching (esp cossack squat), tho my hamstrings are pretty tight and so is my lower back, which is stiff , aches sometimes, and this year has started cramping up when I'm surfing - fixing this is my primary short-term goal. I surf 2-3 times a month (more if I can...) and I ride a bicycle to work (about 100~150km a week, so quite a lot, tho mostly at a fairly relaxed pace). Currently I have 4 basic workouts: A) pike B ) shoulders C) squat D) box splits where each one is basically: 1) some massage, 2) a dynamic movement, 3) a strength barbell exercise, 4) an isometric hold 5) stretching (contract-relax stretchtherapy). It usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours, which is quite long but it's after my workday and I enjoy it so I'm not too worried about time. I cycle home and to work the next day so I'm not totally exhausting myself or anything. For a couple of months I tried doing them Mon-Tue-Wed-Thurs but it's a bit much, so I'm going to try working out just twice a week (Mon and Thurs) so covering all 4 workouts/bodyparts in a two week period. The thing I'm mainly concerned about is that there's a two-week gap between each specific workout (e.g. between each squat workout) which is definitely longer than conventional wisdom (1-2x a week). Each workout is pretty thorough tho, so a week's rest is probably good...but two weeks?? That said, the painscience.com guy (who seems to know his stuff, I use his massage recommendations) says even 3 weeks is probably fine: https://www.painscience.com/articles/strength-training-frequency.php If two weeks turns out to be too long my options are: A) reduce the number of workouts - I could cut the sidesplits workout as it's far from essential to my current goals, tho I quite enjoy it. B ) cut the shoulders workout and instead add some pullups (and lat stretches) to pike day and some dips/bench (and chest stretches) to squat day. One final thing before I get to the workouts: I bought the master's course recently, but so far have only gone through the Squat lessons - you can see I've integrated some of the stretches into Workout A. Hopefully I'll get to the other lessons sometime soon.... I also do a full body 20 minute limbering session most days (5 out of 7?) Does anyone have any advice or comments? It's probably mostly a case of "do it and see how it goes" but if anyone has any thoughts I'd welcome the input. Thanks! Appendix: My (current) workouts: Workout A: squat: quads and hip flexors massage - foam rolling (quads and hip adductors) 100m sprints (x5-6, at about 80% intensity - I find this a good dynamic stretch for my hip flexors!) Barbell Squats (5-10 reps x 2-10 sets) boxing the compass CR x 2-3 sets inside squat, seated figure 8, baby flop, and asian squat (lower back) - all CR x 2-3 sets Workout B: shoulders massage - pecs, lats, delts, biceps and triceps muscle-ups - currently about 30 singles rubber band stretch butchers block Workout C : pike massage (back and hamstrings) barbell deadlift isometric pike (the bottom position of a jefferson curl) x 2mins x 5 sets wall pike CR x 3 sets relaxed lunge stretches CR x 3 sets asian squat to stretch my lower back x 3 sets Workout D : sidesplit massage (adductors) barbell cossack squat 20 reps x 3 sets isometric side split holds 1min x 5 sets side splits (supported on arms) down to pike (bum on floor) CR x 5 sets
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