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  1. Hi @Frederik The fillers are just movements that I want to train but I can't be arsed trying to string a heap of sets together at the end of a session (I'm generally too tired, or running short on time). I just do them in between exercises in a grease-the-groove style, trying to make the reps as easy as possible and slowly increasing the volume when they feel 'too easy'. For me, it's easier mentally to do 4-5 'singles' than 4 straight sets, plus it helps to manage fatigue a bit better.
  2. Wednesday 06/07/16 BW: 72.35kg Snatch off Blocks: 85 7x2 Push Ups: x10 Chin Ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 OH Sq: 88 2x5 Push Ups: x10 Chin Ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Deficit Sn DL: 133 2x5 Push Ups: x10 Chin Ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Pendlay Row: 70 3x9 Push Ups: x10 Chin Ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Much better session today, mainly due to extra rest, extra bodyweight, and it's a lighter session overall. Snatches felt really good (I did miss one but that was because I was messing around on that set, re-set and made it handily); hitting the top of the pull well and moving under the bar smoothly. OHS were challenging, keeping everything locked in and stable is exhausting so I felt pretty wobbly (I don't think it was that bad though) but getting better (I have some weird fluttering in the posterior delt/rotator cuff of my right shoulder today which I shall take as a sign that good things are happening/re-mapping). And snatching them to start was heaps easy, even after all the previous reps (small jumps FTW!). Deficit Sn DL's were surprisingly easy, but I did end up taking fairly long rests due to coaching duties, etc. Fatigue masks fitness people, remember that. Pendlay Rows were also reasonably easy, although I could probably pause on the chest longer (I did have to do them in mini clusters of 3x3 to keep form but I'm not too worried about it). I even managed to fit in all my filler sets too! I really need to get the rings hung from the roof so I can hang fully extended, at the moment I pretty much keep a v/l-sit position so I don't hit the floor so I miss out on the leg raise portion of the lift.
  3. Or using any of the plates that are not on the bar as risers, to increase the bar height.
  4. Found this post from about 9 months ago (Oct 2015) And I now feel pretty good about my decision to make smaller increases. The training weights I'm doing now, at the volume I'm doing them are waaaaaaay beyond what I would have even thought about then. Thanks past me!
  5. As a result of Monday's session, I decided to drop my weight increases down for the main movements. I was aiming for 5% jumps every 3wks or so, but I've dropped those jumps back to about 3%. I was falling into the mindset of bigger numbers quicker means better results, even though I've been seeing better progress with small increases over a longer timeframe. I've managed to clean 125kg in competition, easily, without really going over about 117kg in training. And despite not being able to improve my snatch in competition (yet), I'm snatching near my best for multiple reps so that will come. I guess my point is that what I've been doing so far has been working, I don't need to rush it, and the results will come. Rushing it just leads to injuries and THOSE will slow your progress.
  6. Monday 04/07/16 BW: 70.80kg Clean off Blocks 114 115 5x2 (x2, x2, [x1XX], x2, XX, X) Push Ups: x10 Chin Ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Jerk recoveries 135 2x5 (Barx5, 70x5, 90x5, 110x3, 130x2) Push Ups: x10 Chin Ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 BSQ 156 3x5 (Barx5, 70x5, 110x5, 130x5, 150X) Push Ups: x10 Chin Ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Cln DL 150 2x5 Push Ups: x10 Chin Ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Soooo, not the best session. Basically everything felt heavy and unstable and it was frustrating not being able to even hit my warmup weights for the Jerk Recoveries and squats. I'm going to blame the stretch session on Sunday, it was a massive CNS hit (one that I'm not used to) and it basically fucked me. Not throwing shade on Oli, I should have been smart enough to realise that I probably wasn't going to be able to perform the day after a big session like that. I really felt it in the legs, no pop (every clean just crashed on me, no bounce) and I couldn't get tight enough in the lower body to drive the jerk recoveries. They were not pretty, I stumbled all over the place trying to recover. Hilarious to watch, I'm sure. After failing to get even a single on 150 (after hitting a relatively easy 5x5 last week), I decided that pushing through wasn't a good decision and finished. I also took Tuesday off from training, to give myself a bit more recovery time. Let's see how Wednesday goes.
  7. 02/07/16-03/07/16 Big, big weekend. I co-presented the Monkey Gym Workshop with Olivia down at Greenwell Point, basically covering upper body pushing and lower body (hinge/squat). Great fun, and a really enthusiastic group including many familiar faces from the old ANU classes and some new faces as well. Oli took us through a great (but punishing) extended stretch session on Sunday (hip flexor, piriformis, outer hamstring, pancake) that wrecked me. We're talking 8-10mins per side, per exercise! The struggle was real. Then there was an extended trip back to Sydney due to trackwork, which turned a 2:30hr trip into almost 4hrs. Good times.
  8. I started with something around my snatch pull weight, which is about 10-20% over my full snatch. So start with that... I kid, kid! The point of a snatch-grip deadlift is to challenge the upper back and lats (and I would say quads too, and grip if you're not using straps) by increasing the length of the pull (it's also a positional thing as well, you're trying to stay over the bar as long as you can [long pull = more time to accelerate the bar] unlike a conventional DL where you're trying to get the shoulders behind the bar as quickly as you can). You'll find that you can't keep your hips lower than your shoulders (necessary for a strong starting snatch position) if your stance is too wide, and hips high will shorten the pull as well. I wouldn't worry about plate height or anything like that it just means that your pull with standard plates will be stronger, just like (I imagine), your conventional pull. /end hijack
  9. Damn. I found it super impressive that you could do those as I'm nowhere near getting even one. For me it seems to be a combination of leg size, and not being supple enough in the quads/ad-abductors/hamstrings to allow them to squish together (amongst other things). But I'm working on it. Good exercise choices on your next round. For future endeavours might I suggest the snatch grip deadlift? It's tough but pays off in spades in terms of grip and upper back gains. (You need less weight than regular deads too, so you can eke out your current weight supply longer.)
  10. Wednesday 29/06/16 BW: 72.05kg Snatch off Blocks 82 8x2 10x2 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 OH Sq 85 3x5 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Deficit Sn DL 128 3x5 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Pendlay Row 68 3x15 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Overall this was a really good session! I actually felt pretty jazzed after, not hammered like Tuesday's session (probably due to the lower load demands). Snatches felt so good that I added a couple of sets (was only meant to do 8), looking forward to bumping the weight up next week (planned increase is to 87) and seeing if I can maintain form over the course. I managed to keep the rest periods under 1:30 for most of them as well (not sure if conditioning is getting better, or weight just isn't challenging enough yet). OHS also felt really good, challenging but solid. And I much prefer snatching the weight off the blocks to start, rather than setting up the squat stands. It does limit me to what I can snatch, but I'm not really trying to hit a 1RM on this, it's more for building up my support/endurance strength overhead. Deficit Sn DL were easy enough for the first 3 reps, then I had to take a mini-break for the last 2 reps (just a few breaths). But no problems, hips stayed pretty low, back remained tight. And I wrapped up the session with a sick upper back pump from the rows. 15 reps. The struggle was real for the last 3 or so, they were more like singles.
  11. Tuesday 28/06/16 BW: 72.60kg (Lots of carbs at lunch and lots of fluids during the day) Clean off Blocks 108 7x2 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Jerk recoveries 130 3x5 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 BSQ 150 5x5 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Cln DL 145 3x5 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 I gave myself a day off on Monday just to give the back a bit more rest. Plus it was another freezing day and it would have been really hard to keep my back warm through out the session. Cleans were easy, although I'm catching them a bit hard in the bottom. Need to keep contact with the bar a bit more and 'wedge' myself under so I'm tight, rather than just pulling and praying. (I remember the first cycle I did off the blocks and attempting 108 for 3 or so singles, I missed most of them first off. Now it's just training weight.) Jerk recoveries are feeling better, I lowered the pins which helped and I was more consistent with my footwork so pretty much every rep I was hitting the same position. They still feel heavy as though. Much heavier than actually jerking the same weight, which makes sense I suppose as it's essentially a dead stop movement. If I don't get a super jacked upper back from this I will be disappointed. Back squats were easy enough, the back felt fine. But the knees were feeling a bit rough, probably due to the hard catches from the Cleans, and the cold. Even with knee sleeves it was hard to keep the heat in them. This was a long session, so I skipped the DL's due to time but also to give the back a little more rest.
  12. Saturday 25/06/16 BW: Forgot to weigh myself, probably because it was so cold that I didn't wan't to take my jumper and stuff off. Snatch 85 7x2 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Clean and Jerk+Jerk 105 6x2 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 BSQ 70x5, 110x5, 130x5, 150x3, 160 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 RDL 105 3x12 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 It was super cold this morning, I normally train in just a tshirt and compression shorts but had to wear a hoodie and long tights today. (The gym isn't heated and is basically a big concrete box.) Besides the cold though it was a good session. Snatches felt fast and solid, mostly. About half way through I think I slightly over-extended through the lower middle back on a snatch and may have tweaked the erector on the left. It's still a bit sore now (Wednesday) moreso when I move into spinal extension. Didn't stop me from finishing though, I just had to be more aware of my setup. Clean and Jerk + Jerks went better than last week, despite doing more of them. Possibly due to longer rest periods though (Doc was running a coaching course so I was coaching at Burwood). I only missed the very last jerk, which is slightly annoying but not too bad. I only took a single at 160 for the back squat because my back wasn't feeling 100%, 165 was probably there but I decided to be smart and leave it. RDL's felt fine, no problems bracing or keeping tight and I didn't feel them at all in my back. Just my poor, burning hamstrings and glutes. 12 reps is a killer and I'm an idiot for programming them.
  13. Friday 24/06/16 BW: 71.85kg Pwr Sn w/ pause at knee 70 4x3 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 FSQ 131 5x2 (+ Jerk Dips 160kg x5) Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Savickas Press 40 3x8 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 DB Chest-supported Row 15 3x12 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 I was a little pressed for time as I had to finish early-ish, and I was coaching some of our new lifters so I gave most of the filler stuff a miss tonight. Power snatches with a pause at the knee took a little bit to get the rhythm of the pull and pull under but went up okay as long as I remembered to keep my head still and extend. (And to remember that a power snatch doesn't have to mean catching with nearly straight legs.) These aren't a hang snatch (top down), rather they are a pull from the floor to the knee, pause over the bar, and then finish. I've decided to vary my rep ranges for the front squats from Wednesday, I need to get my endurance back to do fives and that might take a few weeks so until then I'll stick with doubles on Fridays (plus it leaves me a little fresher for Saturday morning). Savickas Press still feels better for my shoulders than almost any other type of press (although military press with band-suspended weights is also pretty good), and even with the high reps it wasn't a problem. If anything my upper back gets fatigued first with this one. DB Chest supported Row is this one: https://www.t-nation.com/training/tip-do-chest-supported-rows Just trying a different type of row for fun. It's pretty much like doing a batwing, or a bench pull (but with dumbbells).
  14. @Nathan Alan was probably the most sweary, but really interesting and smart. 72 is more to do with lunch that day, I'm waking up around 70-71 usually. @MattPark Not dead! And thank you, they're modest but they're mine. Would definitely recommend attending, heaps of great information and the guys themselves were really generous with their time answering questions and chatting to people (even when they were trying to eat lunch).
  15. Wednesday 22/06/16 BW: 72.15kg Pwr Cln w/ pause at knee 85 4x3 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Push Press 80 4x5 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 FSQ 131 2x5 x3, x3 (2X1), x3 (2X1) Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Good Morning 70 3x10 Push ups: x10 Chin ups: x5 Skin the cats: x3 Not sure if it was the cumulative effect of 2 days of higher volume after a spotty first week or what, but this session really took it out of me. Actually, I think a large part of it was to do with the exercise order (I had put GM’s after FSQ’s originally too but decided to switch them). By the time I got to my front squats my upper back and shoulders were fatigued and I wasn’t able to maintain position, so missed the rep. That and I hadn’t really done much high rep front-squatting recently. Pausing the cleans at the knee really highlight how not good I am from this position, they just felt awkward and not smooth nor snappy. They went up but not gracefully. Push presses were a bear; I wasn’t feeling particularly solid under them and there was a fair bit of unnecessary movement. I missed 2 or 3 reps on the last set due to fatigue so I’ll do them off the Jerk blocks next week, it means I won’t have to lower the bar and can set myself better for each rep. Front squats were really tough, I had aimed to do two sets of 5 but hit the first three and realised I wasn’t getting a fourth, so I went for 3x3 and promptly miss the 3rd rep on both remaining sets (mainly due to push pressing before I squatted as mentioned, and probably from the back squats on Monday too). The good mornings were okay, but felt like they were never going to end. 10 reps is a lot, like, too many maybe. For next week I think the order is going to be: Pwr Cln FSQ P.Press GM Let’s see how that goes…
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