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  1. Thank you so much Kit, I’m still playing basketball and feel way better than I did in my twenties, but just terrified I might lose that bounciness ive had 18 major injuries from sports between brakes and dislocations but the information you’ve made available and stretch mastery course have been the main source of my transformation from a stiff gym guy trying to play sports to a more durable freer moving athlete. The last couple of years my main training includes a lot of gymnastic and entry level acrobatics exercises, which I’m hoping to progress muscle more now in my 40s so again, thanks so much for your response and the tools you’ve provided for making these changes to the body possible.
  2. Hi all, My question is to do with the effects of stretching on tendon stiffness and elasticity, for example as we get older it seems like we loose the ability to jump or even to manage landings, jumping down off a chair for example Do we loose our shock absorbers.. Would ballistic or even a more pulsing approach to stretching, help maintain springiness in the tendons, muscles, fascia.. Hoping I’m making some sense here.. and would appreciate any feedback from experiences anyones had Andrew
  3. Thanks for the reply It can a few hours or even linger for a couple of days. Sitting or driving for long periods seems to provoke it most
  4. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any similar looking knee bumps.. As a teenager I definitely suffered with Osgood schlatters disease As an adult in my twenties experienced chronic tendinopathy In recent years it’s settled, mainly I think it’s benefited from freeing up the quads and hip flexors, improving ankle dorsiflexion and including exercises like natural leg extensions I’ve never been as active with regard to playing sports or weight training but it is prone to a ‘on fire type of sensation’ particularly first thing in the mornings. it would be great to hear anyone else’s experience.. or if there are any other suggestions .. andrew
  5. Staying consistent with my upper back and shoulder flexion work, definitely feels easier to move into this shape but I know it’s going to take a lot more time to feel the spine segment a bit more
  6. Thanks again Kit for you guidance. when doing this it felt like my scapulas were right at the edge of the bench but looking at the pic it looks like I could even move further away from the bars..
  7. Wow, it’s hard to see comprehend how my spine could ever articulate like that Simon ! I feel like I’ve accumulated many years of playing competitive basketball and Gaelic football as well as lots of heavy pushing exercises and probably lots of poor posture has left my spine glued together am loving the challenge however, of ungluing it some bit at least. really feel is an inhibiting factor in movements like a squat or even a vertical jump, it’s as though force cannot be transferred efficiently because of the inability of the different parts of the spine to move enough. this pic is the bench exercise I do i also do a version upside down kind of like a Mexican handstand where I try to lower my feet down the wall
  8. Ok thanks I’ll try that. I have a baby whale that I don’t use enough and I also lay with my shoulder blades at the edge of the bench arms extended back on stall bars as I try to create thoracic extension by trying to breathe the ribs laterally I’ll try and post a pic of what I mean
  9. Thanks for the reply and the advice. how long would you suggest holding each repetition.. I had been holding for 7 deep breaths at the top of each rep
  10. Not sure there has been dramatic improvement with this movement but it’s definitely easier to get to it, as in I have to warm up less
  11. Been doing the box bridge twice a week, 3 sets of 7 deep breaths as well as some Lat stretches feel like it’s improving fast.
  12. Thanks so much Simon and Kit for replying I’ll change my approach to improving this bridge right away and I’ll hopefully report back with some improvements soon 🙂
  13. Hi, that bridge is so impressive and even more so .. that you mention you’ve only been focusing on it for the last month!! this is so something I’ve worked on for the last 5 years with some very slow progress. Many years of playing contact sports as well as maybe a proportionately very long spine might be reason for such poor movement in this position.. I would be really grateful for grateful for any suggestions of area to work on here.. Andrew
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