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  1. Hi All, below is a structure I’ve been working on for some time. I use this as a way to balance recovery over multiple goals and capabilities that I am seeking to train in my body. This format allows me to periodise for recovery and for various training blocks. my interests are in no particular order; gymnastic / body weight strength training flexibility development running - particularly hill and fell running with a focus on occasional high intensity events (eg I recently ran the Yorkshire 3 peaks and the Welsh 3000s. handstands I operate a four week
  2. @Kit_Lthank you! that’s a great suggestion regarding the bands, I have been looking into tibialis raises but this seems a more easily scaled solution with equipment I already have on hand. I have tried Emmets fisherman stretch but was unable to get an effective response, the force of keeping the leg externally rotated overcame any perception and ability to focus and relax/contract for Dorsiflexion, and weight necessary to overcome this and fix the leg in place collapsed the arch before I was able to get any movement or progress. That said, I am working on the hip flexors, a
  3. Hello all, firstly just a huge thank you to all on here, Kit & Olivia and all involved in ST. The approaches here have really changed my life, and while the primary benefits I have been seeking in my flexibility have been huge, more important has been the effect on my outlook and experience of the world. I think this is likely rather common, but I am no longer primarily practicing in order to realise physical goals. Now my experience of the bodymind and connection is my goal, with the physical benefits a wonderful bonus. However, there are of course some things I’m working on and henc
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