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  1. they are amazing. Im so glad I have found olivia ! ( and Kit !)
  2. hello this isnt really a Starter Course question but I dont really know where else to ask. So a few weeks ago I watched a wonderful video with Olivia showing how to do some neck and shoulder release exercises using a (double) hard ball. I have now bought myself such ball but I cant recall where I saw the video! - so many platform.. vimeo? you tube? website, facebook. Anyone know where I can view it? thanks
  3. just a quick update- after much searching i have found a weekly online class with Ashwin. I've only done one class so far but it has been tremendously helpful.
  4. Hi Nathan thanks. Its sorted now. I dont know what Vimeo is? I just access my course via the website ( I think)
  5. Hi can someone please help with a log in issue. i have asked the IT email but the guy there doesn't seem to be able to help. i want to login on my ipad so that I can take the course with me . I am logged in on my desktop currently. i cant remember my password, so on my ipad i cant log in and there is no 'forgotten password ' option. I cant find anywhere on my profile ( desktop) to change my password. The IT guy has sent me a change password link, but when I click n that it just tells me I am alrady logged in- but im not logged in on my ipad. frustrating thanks, Lucy
  6. Hi all I have asked this as part of another thread- but thought it might get a little more attention as a separate topic ( so apologies for that ). I have bought the beginners online course- which Im loving so far. But as someone with limited understanding of body work I realize that I would benefit from being with an teacher. Obviously this isnt possible - but are any teachers offering online 'live' classes or sessions? And post lockdown- anyone in the UK running any workshops this year/ ( please not London !)
  7. Thanks all for your really helpful replies. I have also bought Kits stretching book- and the stretches in there seem quite different to the ones on my beginner programme. I guess I'll just have to find a way to build my own programme. I have realized that i really do need to jon a class. there dont appear to be many teachers in teh UK, would anyone know if there are any online classes /workshops available? i just feel that i need someone to direct me. many thanks
  8. Hi there I have just joined this programe and have done a couple of the first exercises. I am already doing a couple of other programmes- Gymnastic bodies Stretch programme ( most of which I cant do but gives me a good workout), and Lucas Rockwoods gravity Yoga- which is 15 minutes of deep stretching over 5 days. Would i be better to not do those alongside this one. I feel I am getting some benefit from the GY sessions, several people on his ( Lucas rockwood) forum have recommended this - which is how i ended up here . Im 55, not very bendy but not as stiff as an oak..I do a lot of walking and am fairly active but i don't do any gym type stuff. ps, some of the pictures on the catchpa are really difficult to identify !. It has taken me ages to submit this, then it told me that my email address is not available and logged me out!
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