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  1. My Illiosacroiliac got blocked a couple of days ago. Fortunately, a Chirotherapist got it sorted. But the back feels a bit sore. Then I got a refresh vaccination against FSME ("tick vaccination") which always makes me feel sore. So just some very easy limbering these days... it is strange, my glutes feel crampy, in deep lunge the front thigh feels tight... very unusal but shows me that I should take it easy at the moment.
  2. Ok, I see the difference. The feet internally rotated is explained in the Skandasana Video, I just didn't recall it. In the videos "Pancake moving sequence" (Liz) and in the "Rolling around the floor" video (Kit), movements like Skandasana (straddle position, side squat, moving from one to the other side) are done. There, the feet are not internally rotated. As far as I remember, they are not called Skandasana, it is me mixing up the names. I usually avoid using terms which I don't know a on a wellfounded base, I rather like to show movments/positions, but as this is only written exchange
  3. I am sorry - I wanted to write once a week. I stretch tailor pose once a week. It would be super crazy for me to do contract relax once a day...😬 ouch! My reference for the tailor pose is the video in the pancake course (E1A). I will study the YT-Video today, thans for the link. Yes, I mostly slip forward when pressing on the knees. Thanks for your explanation about the impossiblity of doing turnout in frog position, I understand. I do Skandasana almost every day (moving towards Skandasana - it takes me a while until I come a bit further down) to get towards a Cossack Squat. I try
  4. Today I did tailor pose stretching after warm up. This is the only pose where I feel really ready for contract-relax and do it about once a day. After the stretching, my knees are about 10cm above the ground which is great! Then limbring with chinese grinder, the oder standing wide leg limbers, skandasana and half pancake. My little problem with tailor is that if I lean against a wall/door, I tend to slip forward. I have a wooden floor which is too painful to sit directly on. So I squeeze a Yoga mat under the door and do tailor pose in shorts (naked legs slip less than leggings). B
  5. I felt pretty sour today from the intense sessions yesterday and the day before. So rolling around the floor. Still love this.
  6. I was at home in the mountains for two weeks. I did a little limbering session everyday, but no serious stretching. I spent most of the days outdoors. It was fantastic. Now back "at work" . I still feel the sore spot, I don't really know what to do with it. But it feels really good to be back at longer stretchtherapy sessions.
  7. Thanks for this, Nathan! I didn't read it before, it is really helpful. Luckily, my relaxation practice goes in this direction. I don't know exactly where I got it from, I guess it is eclectic. Maybe I found part of it on the stretchtherapy website a while ago. My relaxation practice is based on a Hawaiian sitting meditation I used to follow years ago. I had a lot going on in my mind because of my job back then and it was so worthwile. And I learned that I can sit on floor without problems if my hip is a bit lifted. Now I do it mostly lying because I can get better muscle relaxatio
  8. Thanks for those words. I know that it needs time. But, as mentioned, it is really good to read it again and again as the feeling is not always the same as the rationality. I completely second that the movement pattern and posture change and that it is a dramatic effect. What I described a couple of weeks ago - that when I do turnout when standing my spine "unravels" - is a deep, dramatic change for me. At the moment, I do walks nearly every day. I notice that my movement pattern in walking already changed: I keep the knees more forward, therefore I use the muscles (TFL etc.) differentl
  9. Nathan, this is explained in such an good way, thank you very much!
  10. Hi Kit, I appreciate it very much that you respond in this thread - so I never expect you to reread anything. Yes, i certainly do relaxation exercices. I think they are crucial. Do you mean any specific ones or just muscle relaxation in general? I usually do it before sleeping (right beside my bed.. I go to bed pretty early) or in the morning just when I get up. My feeling is that the limbering has the biggest effect on my body at the moment. I do the contract-relax, but I have the feeling that I am "not there" yet. It is helpful in tailor pose, but in the other poses I am not sure. I k
  11. Today, I did a "Rolling around the Floor" class. That was really great. Especially the hip flexor exercices lead me a new path. It is one of the exercices I did for years an nothing changed. The "rolling on the kneecap" and rotation of hips might be a way for me to go. Regarding turnout - loosing up adductors: I noticed that my legs look different, the quadricepts bulgs more on the outside and I looks as if the adductors have come a bit forward (difficult to explain). In one of the first posts, I wrote that I've been inflexible for all of my life. Kit the wrote that I should maybe
  12. Thanks for that... (ouch!) My husband is not a body worker. He is a climber, so his hands should be strong enough. But you're right - we weren't really successful yet with this. I could not really guide him, either, as I did not reall know what feeling to look for. Today, when I did some limbering in straddle position, I tried to find the muscles with my fingers. Altough you say it is not possible to release the adhesion by myself (and I totally believe you!), I guess I found an adhesive area between gracilis/adductors/inner hamstring. And it is exactly where I located my "sore spot"
  13. Thank you for clarification. My husband and me played with this facial relaxation (it is the same as in the pancake course, isn't it?), but we weren't successful so far. It might be that my body is/was just not ready.
  14. Kit, this came in exactly the right moment! Thanks, this is a great support. Certainly, I know that it needs time. But - I felt that I became impatient just before you wrote the words above. Knowing rationaly and reading it again (adressed directly at me!) are two different things. Luckily, I really like doing Stretchtherapy exercices. Even on days when I am "not in the mood", I start doing a bit of limbering and it always leaves me in a lighter set of mind. Yesterday, I had a riding lesson and I explained the whole experience to my riding instructor. Well, she is really good with
  15. I am sorry that I didn't react for a coupe of days - I went back to my home village, did some ski hiking including some digital detox. I have to think about what you wrote. You are certainly right, I have to interpret it. This is all pretty new for me. It is a worthwhile thougt to improve the posture not by adding tension, but to remove restrictions. (Excursus: I looked at some before-after stretching pictures of my gymnasts and me. Where it really worked, it really looks as if some strains were cut, but tension - in a good sense- is not lost. It looks like "loosened up").
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