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  1. This is a good point, I just started with ABSS and see how my body responds and with time can adjust the "safe" zone Yes, it is much easier and have a different sensation, just like this first layer feels stronger and hamstrings are not involved now so can do without discomfort. It has been weeks now and pain on both sides are gone except for left hamstring, which I would describe as middle string pain that is still there and also feels sore (when stretching hamstring) and it is difficult to reach with lacrosse ball. I can reach it with the ball when hamstring is stretched in some way while sitting on the yoga mat plus having a yoga block underneath hamstring and oddly it gives a relaxation feeling in that hamstring muscle (precisely the start and end points of hamstring middle muscle) when pressed against the ball.
  2. The cheat sheet is great! I remember long ago thinking that I might need to do one for personal preference. I just edited my first post and mentioned that I take cold showers every other day. So just have to do them other time around if planning to do stretching for keeping muscles warm. As of pain on the sides really feels like it is oblique muscles, pain appears and stays for a few seconds a couple of times a day and does not really bother me too much, I find that lateral flexion (side bending) stretch really feels strong on sides. Also Solo hip flexor stretch can be difficult to do when the left leg is in front as left hamstring still hurts and any stretch involving stretching the hamstring is painful so for these reasons I am not doing any stretching for 3 weeks now apart from daily five stretches which I do just lightly. Piriformis feels super thight when foam rolling so doing that everyday too once or twice a day, but I use lacrosse ball for longer time. Thank you for your input. One more thing regarding ABSS on vimeo, looking forward to start them soon (still waiting to get a chair as got none here at the moment which I find funny), I've bought the first part on Vimeo but can not find the other two parts (just had a link to part 1 for long time on my browser and used that), have they been taken off now and got done as once purchase for all parts on stretchtherapy website? I realized that I should have just gotten the whole thing. Okay so the link I have is this https://vimeo.com/ondemand/abss1/ So to access part too I just changed abss1 to abss2.
  3. Hi Nathan, thank you for taking time to reply. I do hesitate with seeing a PT as I do not know any of them here and to be honest all the material and answers can be found these days. I guess my problem is not a serious injury or anything like that so I can just relax and do baby steps. I am on the same page as you just said but just forgot to mention them here. I do morning meditation sitting in burmese and if time allows then I do second session sitting on a chair later that day, burmese is simply feels a lot better for my back than sitting on a chair most of the time. To me is not a problem which posture to use for meditation, I just alternate between them as seems fit. Now I've been meditating lying on the yoga mat because I had this back pain so I backed off and just let myself relax and get back to stretching once my body feels better. I do have foam roller and soft balls so will do just that. The How to sit for meditation video is great, I actually got it a year ago and had only done it fully a month ago only. I just not sure if I have to follow it every day for an hour before meditation or I can condense it to 30 minutes long as I try to fit it in my time schedule. And just one more thing about lower abdomen pain on right side is that at first I thought it is something inside that is making these burning sensations but later realized it is muscles, how strange I thought as I never experienced that there before, but what makes sense is that all muscles are connected and if one is not good then others have to compensate for that and probably this is the case. Once again thank you so much for insights
  4. Hello all, I feel that ABSS is the way to go for me but over time I have developed some problems and just need some guidance. I might not be able to describe my problem here but I'll do my best. I wish to sit in burmese position in meditation without any discomfort in my right knee. At the moment my right knee does not reach the floor and I have to use some support underneath the knee if my right leg is outwards when sitting (I sit on a round cushion for support too). I can sit like so for up to an hour but later in the evening my knee starts hurting after sitting for a short period. So I assume that I have to increase my right hip mobility. I did some hatha yoga stretching everyday for lower back and legs but that just resulted in left hamstrings pain when trying to stretch it now. Later I started feeling this burning pain in the lower side of abdomen (both sides). So after reading a lot in these forums I realized that I should just stretch twice a week, though the yoga I did was not intensive. The other issue I have is past sciatica that has not appeared for a long time now except as of a week ago I had my back locked in pain just from getting up off the floor which somehow increased piriformis and upper leg muscle pain. I just noticed that my strange burning on lower abdomen and also piriformis pain comes from long periods of sitting, as I also did a few days of meditation retreat at home with walking meditation inbetween sittings. I do consider contacting a physiotherapist but I can afford only to diagnose the problem at the moment and maybe do a few sessions or so. So should I seek a physiotherapist and is ABSS suitable for developing better mobility so that I can sit in burmese at ease at some point in my life? I have tried to be as short as possible, probably I don't really know where do I start at first. But I did find a lot of great information in these forums and just discovered that I have a mild form of piriformis pain. Thanks for looking! Edit: I forgot to add again.. That I take cold showers every other day, which I picked up some time ago. Now I know that if I've to do stetching then only when muscles are warm, might even wear something to warm it up. But I wonder how cold shower and then gentle streching can do harm or not.
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