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  1. Hello again Nathan and Kit. I have now tried the side stretching suggested. I found the one Natan pointed to in the sit for meditation video to hit the spot perfect, as well as easily accessible. I will do this, together with some other lingering stretches for the area, as well as some light strengthening exercises for a while and see how things turn out. Thanks both for your input!
  2. Hello. I am sure Nathan, Kit and others on the forum are much more knowledgeable than I, but just a word of caution on overdoing stuff. I am about your age, fairly fit and active. I started the ST program, probably to eager as I found it both fun and motivating. Additionally I did a lot of floor sitting in various, for me challenging positions during my normal days. The reason for starting the ST program was to be able to sit on the floor with good position in the first place. I have probably been to eager, and maybe given myself some hip problems due to my eagerness. I am now work on fixing t
  3. Great, thanks a lot for taking the time! One last clarification before I rush to my stretching I mentioned above the pain in the side of my hip. Any good piriformis stretches you would recommend, avoiding further irritation in that area? Would the hanging stretches hit the piriformis? (I am not so very knowledgeable in anatomy) I have done seated and floor piriformes stretches earlier, before the problems arose. I quite enjoyed these. Can this have had any contribution to the issue? I must mention that I also sat crosslegged some time daily as well as some other good floor sitting positions d
  4. Hello again, and thanks for your replies! Attached 3 photos, one of my current sitting position and two of my burmese. I can sit in my current position for quite some time, up to 45 minutes without any pain anywhere. (Seiza style?) If I try to sit burmese I get pain in my lower back after a short while. Seeing the photos I can understand why my back starts to hurt, but how to rectify it? Furthermore, I am unable to get my knees down to the ground, and I have been thinking that this would helped me to tilt my pelvis, and getting a better position for the lower back in burmese. Putting something
  5. Hello, long time since an update from me. This is probably due to my own stupidity of overdoing stuff! I was planning to go ahead and do these stretches discussed above, but after a month or two a pain in my left hip started to appear (my least flexible hip). After a pause the pain weakened, but as soon as I started any stretch work hitting hips it came back again. I have tried several pauses like this, for up to a few weeks, but it seems to be of no help. I have indicated on the attached sketch the location approximately. There is no pain as I do the stretches, but I can feel it the days
  6. Hello again Nathan! Great feedback, thanks for taking the time to read and reply. I definitely will follow your advices, and rearrange my routines. I will work along the lines you outline for a few months and revert back. My sitting journey is interesting as I also try to sit on the floor more in my daily life as well. Seeing how flexible my grand children are (I have 2 by the way) have made me realize how much I have lost during my office life. And to be able to sit on the floor reading and waching TV etc. is a new and interesting journey. Maybe I can regain some of my own flexibility in
  7. Hello, new to the forum 🙂 I worked through the ABSS before summer, and decided to continue with my hips. I find that stretching works great as a combination with my meditation practice, and the way the ST is set up is a perfect match. Still, I have some questions to get me going in the right direction. My goal is to sit comfortable on the floor for meditation, as I until now has been sitting i a chair. That is of course perfectly all right, but it would be nice to be able to sit on the floor as well. I have worked through the "How to sit for mediation" video, and this combined with A
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