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  1. Thank you very much SwissDanny and Kit_L. The answer clarified for me about the system. Next month i will try not to rest in between cycles and and see how my body reacts to !
  2. Hello Everyone! I want to ask if i've done one cycle of the tailor pose 5s contract and 30s relax. Do i need to rest in between of every cycles or should i go straight to the next cycle? Presently i do tailor pose with 3 cycles and rest 2 minutes in between of cycles. Thank you.
  3. This cramping feels very different unlike the calf muscles cramp. But i will take your advise and work around it and see how it goes. Have a good day Kit_L.
  4. Just like you said. I have a difficult time doing those internal rotation exercises because when i do them i feel a pretty strong adductor stretching near the pelvis but it's not a normal stretching sensation but pretty uncomfortable sensation. As for L7: Seated figure 4 i had to do the Lying Version because it's easier for me. I think i might do the L7 another time til the muscles around the hip strong enough. Thanks for responding Kit_L.
  5. Sorry for the typo Kit_L. I'm just wondering about the purpose of those two exercises in contributing to master my squat technique. I know the use of hip external rotation in squat but i'm always confused about the use of hip internal rotation exercise. Would you mind to interpret the use of it? Thank you very much.
  6. Hello Kits, a new member here. Would you mind to explain which muscles are being contracted and lengthening in the L7: Seated figure 4 L8: Inside squat?. Thank you.
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