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  1. Hi Kit, Thank you for the thorough response. One detail, and you are about details in the bent leg hamstring stretch. When you initially contract the quads to push the knee back or push your leg forward (depending on the video) I find I can push my leg to a certain distance, but how far or to what sensation should someone push it? And then following that, after doing the two contractions with the heels, then relaxing and going into the final stretch I find there's a combination of pushing with my quad but also sliding... perhaps more sliding than pushing. Then, after some time in the final stretch I find my legs are stretching further apart, not by any force on my part, but perhaps gravity, the weight of my body over my outstretched leg and my knee (on the towel) sliding back over the floor. At this point I feel it in the back of the leg (hamstring) but I don't feel I pushed but rather the weight of my leg and the towel sliding over the smooth floor seem to allow me to stretch into a more stretched position. My question is, am I stretching my hamstring properly in this way? Also if entering the stretch wasn't by a notable contraction of my quad and if I'm feeling it in the back of the leg, is that the way I want to enter the stretch? And with regards to the sensations of stretch on the hamstring, do I want to feel those or should it be less noticeable and perhaps more notable in the contraction of the quadriceps? Also in the full stretch, I'm surprised at how far my legs stretch out, considering how tight I am, so I wonder to myself if I'm doing it correctly or deceiving myself? Thanks again, Nick
  2. Hi all, I´m new to this forum so thank you for having me. I've come here because of what I believe are severely tight hamstrings. I say believe because there might be some other part of my anatomy that I'm missing. As I've read, perhaps the word "tight" isn't the most productive or accurate way of thinking of this part of my body, nor is thinking negatively about them. I do yoga nearly daily and have so for at least three years, but one thing that's always been my companion are my tight hamstrings and I honestly couldn't tell you if they've elongated or relaxed since I began yoga... nothing noticeable for me at least. Obviously it would affect my practice because of all the asanas/poses where tight hamstrings restrict you and I'm sure I compensate with a curving back and stiff shoulders. But besides yoga I would very much like to be able to sit on the ground comfortably with a straight upright spine. I cannot do this. Not with crossed legs or legs out in front. In yoga I use blocks and cushions to elevate my hips, as high as possible, but even with those my lumbar spine curves backwards and I strain to keep something of a straight back. To meditate I kneel because it is they only way I can have an upright spine. Seated posed especially dandasana (staff pose) or forward bends I am unable to do correctly and I'm sure I they might even cause me more strain for trying to hold a posture that I can´t. I would love to be able to do boat pose. Anatomically I have very long legs, arms and a short trunk. In any case I would love to sit comfortably on the floor, carry out a seated meditation and do many of the yoga asanas like dandasana or boat pose in a comfortably and enjoyable way. For the record I've been following Kit´s 2 videos, the "Bent Leg hamstring stretch" (2009) and a different version of the same stretch on the video "Stretch therapy methods..." (2013). I've been doing them for 2 months, but I don't know if I seen any change. I find that my legs stretch out further during these stretches and then after the backs of my legs are sore, so I don't know if I'm doing them too hard or not. I would very much like to know how often I should do these stretches and for how long I should hold them. My other question is regarding using the quadriceps to push or pull (depending on which video I follow) into the stretch... should I only go as far as my quad can push? Because it seems at some point the muscles relax a bit and my leg stretches further but not by force of the quads and I'm not sure if my hamstrings are being stretched or not. When I'm in the full extent of the stretch I definitely feel a strong sensation at the back of the leg and when I come out my hamstrings feel tender. So I would like to know if I'm doing them effectively or not. I first came to Kit´s videos by way of antranik.org and his toe touching routine, antranik.org/toe-touching-routine/, which I've been following. But I don't know if this is the approach about going about hamstring flexibility you would take. So, I would very much appreciate any guidance that could help me feel a little more free in my body. Thank you.
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